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Our 1 Day Longevity Nutrition Plan
makes your body look younger

Does your body need a little healthy nutrient boost?
What we eat is the basis of how young and energetic your body is and how quickly it ages.

Our 1 day nutrition plan is full of nutrients that not only protect your cell, but also boost mitophagy and autophagy to rejuvenate and renew your cells.

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Longevity Food is more than just healthy eating

Of course, we can not always eat perfectly. There are situations in which we simply want or even need to treat ourselves to something. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant, dinner at a friend’s house or just because our soul needs it. Exactly such moments are and should be allowed. It is not good for anyone to give themselves the feeling of permanently having to do without something. But even more important is the balance. A good formula to stick to is 80:20. 80% healthy and conscious, 20% treat yourself moments.

Because as good as so-called soul food such as sugar, pasta, pizza or fried food tastes, it can also be harmful to our bodies. These types of foods trigger inflammation, upset our gut, turn our healthy cells into zombie cells, spike blood sugar, and also don’t do our psyche any good in the long run.

After a moment of well-being, we quickly feel tired, unfocused, and flabby. Food like this makes us age faster than we think. If you’ve ever lost your balance again, our 1 Day Longevity Nutrition Plan is exactly what you need right now!


Our tip for bringing your body back into balance and activating its longevity mode is to skip breakfast altogether. Fasting has been shown to boost autophagy, act as an anti-inflammatory and boost your metabolism.
Here you will find all the information about fasting and the appropriate fasting plans.

If you find it difficult to fast in the morning, try to eliminate sweet things from your diet. A regularly elevated blood sugar level not only saps your energy but also promotes inflammation.

A hearty protein-rich breakfast provides you with nutrients your body needs to support processes like cell renewal, as well as keeping your gut healthy.

2. lunchtime

If you have managed to fast until noon, you will be especially looking forward to it. Now it is important not to let yourself be overcome by ravenous hunger. Since our blood sugar level is a little low right now, this happens quickly. To escape a rich meal like pizza or pasta that gives us quick energy, eat some nuts before lunch. They give you healthy nutrients and balance blood sugar levels so you don’t fall into the cravings trap.

If you have the opportunity, prepare your own lunch. That way you can consciously plan ahead, know what’s available, and not get carried away by temptations.

Here is our top lunch idea.

3. dinnertime

After lunch, you should not eat anything until the evening. No snacks either. For here, too, the fasting break is good for us. Fasting is part of homeostasis and keeps our body in balance and promotes self-healing.
For our body to activate its resources that promote longevity and guarantee us a longer and healthier life are indispensable.

Therefore, it is also important to eat well in the evening, but not necessarily to go all out.
A protein-rich dinner is perfect, which stimulates our mitophagy.
So we can not only sleep relaxed, which helps our body to regenerate but also helps it to repair.

Of course, it does not mean that the enjoyment must suffer. Eating should be fun and do us good. Therefore, tacos are optimal for a cozy evening.

What can you take from here

You will notice that after just one day with the right diet, you will feel more energetic and well. It depends on the appropriate nutrients that help your body regenerate, inhibit inflammation and prevent senescent cells that make you age faster.

If you need more inspiration for a healthy day, you can find many more numerous recipes on our site.

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