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My journey

About BeyōndYō

In 2016, after several years of low energy, stomach cramps, fatigue, various skin problems and hair loss, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, a common female disease. One of many diseases for which conventional medicine has no real answer. It merely attempts to relieve symptoms with replacement hormones without helping the body heal.

When I was told there was nothing I could do but wait, take replacement hormones and see what happens, I decided to look into more natural options and began my journey to the roots of my body and the well-being of my mind and spirit.

After spending some time researching natural and holistic healing modalities, I decided to delve deeper into the subject and completed my Holistic Health & Nutritionist training. I learned about my body and its needs. Knowing how everything is interconnected and how closely the psyche and body are linked changed everything.

I radically changed my diet, had her amalgam fillings removed and all the little infections in my mouth. Being aware of what I shouldn’t eat was just as important as being aware of what I should eat. I began to practice more and more yoga, and incorporated meditation and treatments like Sound Bath to calm my nervous system. Natural herbs, essential oils and adaptogens became a part of the whole to achieve my goal of bringing my body into balance holistically.

During my journey and after achieving my goal of putting Hashimoto’s into remission (the disease is not cured but in rest mode), I realized how much knowledge of the natural way to balance body and mind had been lost and how important it is to create a space where this knowledge can come together again.

I would like to give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge about body, mind and the natural powers of food and mindfulness and to integrate them into your life in a simple way.

Our retreats and offerings are a way to get a feel for what it means to live a holistic lifestyle. Seeing and feeling what can be changed in a natural and gentle way, and how the body responds, can be the first step on the path to holistic well-being.

About BeyōndYō



About BeyōndYō



About BeyōndYō



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