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BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats for Women

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We connect like-minded women in a sanctuary where you can truly be yourself and feel instantly belong. With us, you can enjoy boundless freedom of expression, where your thoughts flow and tranquility opens the door to embrace everything they whisper to you.

Experience the magic of BeyōndYō and discover a new level of your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Join us for a life-changing wellness journey!

Together we will create a time which you will never forget

BeyōndYō follows the philosophy of nature and harmony.
We create rejuvenating retreats in stunning natural surroundings, carefully picket to provide unique environments where your body and mind can
recharge and renew.

Experience the beauty of nature while revitalizing your senses at our special locations.
Explore a transformative journey with our deep commitment to holistic nutrition, yoga and wellness. Immerse yourself in a unique and life-changing experience that allows you the freedom to prioritize your well-being, aspirations, and dreams.

Natural Exclusive
Yoga Retreats for Women

A transformative experience for your mental, emotional and physical well-being

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats for Women

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BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats for Women


We give you the space to clear your mind and body. Experience a new energy which will allows you, to live your whole potential and give you the strength to follow your wishes.

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats for Women


Discover the transformative benefits of our unique holistic approach to nutrition, yoga, and wellness. We help restore harmony to your mind and body, fostering rejuvenation and growth from moment one.

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats for Women

Unique Harmony

Our retreats are for women only.
This is our way to create a unique harmony, and the environment for new friendships, special moments and like-minded exchange.

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats for Women

Serenity Places

Embracing our small group philosophy, we cultivate a private and trustworthy environment where you can just be yourself. Here, your mind and body can fully relax to give space for everything else to unfold.

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Sommer Wellness Retreat mallorca 2024

Erleben mit uns eine unvergessliche Woche, gönn dir Zeit für dich, treffe gleichgesinnte wundervolle Frauen und genießen traumhafte Momente die du nie vergessen wirst.