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Join our wonderful women yoga retreats to slow down and rejuvenate. Look forward to yoga, meditation, breathwork, and amazing food that will help you balance your mind and body. 
If you are part of the LGBTQ community, just get in touch with us, because our doors are always open.


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Welcome to a life of well-being! In our online magazine you will find tips and recipes around holistic health, wellness and longevity.

Discover beauty that goes beyond the skin, explore inspiring lifestyles and enjoy your journey to rejuvenation and health.



Welcome to a journey of Holistic Health & Wellbeing! Immerse yourself in a day that is just for you. Relax during a wunderfull Yoga Session, nourish your body with delicious, healthy food and discover new ways to arrive fully in your body. We create a space in which your mind, body and soul can fully unfold!

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3 ingredients gluten free peanut butter banana brownies

Rethink nutrition.
We restore your natural body ecosystem with nutrition and a holistic and natural lifestyle and set new standards.

Join us on a journey focused on unlocking your full potential.

Reclaim your health and well-being with us.


Food is medicine and helps your body to reduce inflammation, chronic disease and aging cells that are holding you back from your journey to a healthier and longer life where you can live your highest potential.
Changing the way we eat means taking control of your future.

Let yourself be inspired

Discover the transformative energy of BeyōndYō, which unleashes your own deep potential. Our holistic approach consciously addresses the root causes of mental and physical problems and removes obstacles that stand in the way of your rejuvenating and energizing lifestyle. Join us on a journey to holistic well-being and fill your life with more energy.

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Let yourself be inspired

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