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Longevity & Wellness Trends 2023

What to expect in nutrition, fitness and habits in 2023.

2023 will be a year in which a lot will change. The research and need for “eternal” youth has been around since Cleopatra’s time, but never have we been closer to understanding and solving the problem than we are now, and the next few decades will open up possibilities that have only ever been dreamed of in movies.

But even so, we are only at the very beginning of this development, which could hardly be more exciting. In 2023, I want to take you with me on this journey and show you ways that will help you right now to keep your body young, beautiful and full of energy for longer.

We cannot stop time, but we can slow it down.

Longevity & Slow Aging means taking nutrition, exercise, habits to a new level beyond a “normal” healthy lifestyle!

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Here’s a little preview of that,
what awaits you in 2023.


Free From Food is no longer a niche ...

Free From is a term that has become an umbrella term for foods that are free of something. Demand is increasing, and not only among people with allergies and hypersensitivities.

Free From foods are taking up more and more space in supermarkets, but also in our kitchens. The term can stand for virtually any type of food and can refer to two areas. If then it is the absence of an ingredient such as gluten, milk, nuts, soy and others or, it refers to the production and cultivation of food such as the designation  “Non-GMO” .

The background of the Free From diet is a new, different awareness of one’s own body. It’s not about being thin anymore. It’s about being healthy and keeping your body young and beautiful longer. Free From products help reduce inflammation, reduce the body’s exposure to pollutants and provide it with healthier nutrients. 
How to start with a gluten and dairy free diet, you will learn 

Drinking less alcohol is becoming more and more common sense

When we talk about Longevity & Slow Aging, we also talk about the impact of alcohol on our bodies. Thus, the topic of conscious alcohol consumption is also becoming more and more a topic of conversation. The Gen Z generation is driving this trend, which began several years ago. Drinking less or no alcohol is becoming more and more “normal” and the demand for non-alcoholic alternatives is growing.

Even those for whom a glass of wine or even two now and then is part of the package are placing more and more emphasis on incorporating alcohol-free days or weeks.

Drinking water, on the other hand, would be a bit boring, especially on evenings with friends, at dinner or when going out, and the classic cola has also had its day.

As with Free From products, more and more alcohol-free alternatives are therefore coming onto the market, and the first alcohol-free bars are also promoting the trend without feeling like they are missing out on anything. On the contrary, it even promotes a new “going out culture” where you can still meet friends for a couple of drinks without having to deal with the side effects of alcohol the next day.

However, alcohol is not something we should ban from our lives, as small amounts of it even promote a longer life, but it should not be overdone. In this article you will learn 
5 good reasons to drink less alcohol


Muscles instead of marathon
the way we train will change.

You want to know how long you will live? Then look at your muscles. Your strength is one of the keys to a longer and healthier life.

Science shows that our muscle mass is even more important for life expectancy and health than pure endurance. According to one study, targeted muscle training can reduce the risk of death by 10 to 17 percent. But HIIT training is also high on the list.

Of course, endurance also plays a role, but it doesn’t have to be the marathon. You will find the reasons for this and what kind of training is optimal in an upcoming article.

Heat and cold therapy - positive stress for the body

Stress is something we all know and often experience on a daily basis. However, often only in a negative and harmful sense. However, as we now know, there is also positive stress that inspires us, drives us to high performance and releases adrenaline.

This type of stress is part of hormesis.
Hormesis is the theory that small doses of poison, harmful substances or negative environmental influences, as well as stress, have a positive and even life-prolonging effect.

One way to effectively and positively “stress” the body is cold and heat therapy. In this process, cold shock and heat shock hormones are emitted, which, among other things, activate our mitochondria, which play one of the most important factors in the aging process.


Wellbeing and a healthy body become more socially acceptable

For a long time it was ridiculed when people gave up things because of their own health and well-being. When sleep was more important to you than all-nighters, when getting up an hour earlier was worth it to have time for yourself, or when going to a psychologist or coach is no longer just about having deep psychological problems, but also about wanting to develop personally and deal with yourself and your needs in a more reflective way.

By 2022, the change was already more noticeable than ever before.

2023 will be another year of increasing supply, but also awareness. Mindfulness, mental health, and one’s own well-being will slowly take on a higher and higher priority than obligation to others.

Topics such as sound bath, yoga, meditation, reduction of negative stress, physical fitness, self-care and, the feeling of wanting to do something good for oneself will become part of our everyday life and thus also more and more socially acceptable.

P4 Medicine - Individual diagnosis and health is becoming increasingly important

There is still a long way to go, but we are taking it in stride. The need to know more about oneself, one’s body and its condition is growing inexorably. A new generation of those who no longer simply go to the doctor and have pills prescribed for their symptoms is becoming increasingly important. Research has also been following this path for years and is slowly taking more and more shape. The direction that emerges from this is called
P4 Medicine.
P4 stands for predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory.

(predictive, preventive, personalized and integrative).

This is about addressing the root causes and understanding what the individual triggers of a disease are instead of just fighting the symptoms. Treatments will be able to be tailored to each individual’s biology, making treatments not only more effective but also less expensive

Let yourself be surprised by what awaits you in 2023 and let it be your year towards a younger, healthier body and a longer life with more well-being and energy.

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