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6 drinks you should avoid

How important water is for our body, I think we do not need to mention more. To recap, you and your wonderful body are about 60% water. Everything depends on him. All the building up processes, repair of tissues and cells, nerve activity, elimination of toxins, blood flow, lymph flow and so much more.
And everything dies if it is not sufficiently available.

Unfortunately, there is still the belief that everything that is liquid has the same effect and benefit as water. After all, it is liquid.

Drinks such as water, also flavored with cucumber, ginger or lemon, as well as unsweetened herbal teas, promote all the processes in the body that not only keep us healthy, but is also the basis for a younger and therefore longer life.

Now that you know what’s good for you, here’s a list of drinks that should really only very rarely accompany your day or should be avoided altogether.

Drink yes, but properly!

1. fruit juices

Freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning is the classic and somehow it is in us that just freshly squeezed juices are healthy for us. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case.

Whether you press your own juice at home or have a good juice store around the corner, the result is the same. A whole lot of sugar in one jar. Not only is it a nutrient robber, it also drives up our blood sugar levels, which promotes inflammatory processes, can lead to nerve damage, and promotes cell death.

Fruit juices contain large amounts of sugar and thus increase blood sugar levels within a very short time. Other sweeteners such as honey or fruit sweeteners like agave syrup can also have this effect.
Exceptions are stevia and birch sugar.

If you’re craving fruit, eat it whole. The reason is that juice does not contain all the nutrients that fruit has to offer, and secondly, you lose the healthy fiber that is so important for your intestines.

But we can give you a little hope and you don’t have to give up freshly squeezed juices completely. Make sure that it consists of at least 80% vegetables and only a small amount of fruit. Find here our Top 3 Cold Pressed Juicesthat will not cause your blood sugar level to rise.

2. alcohol

Alcohol is not always to be demonized entirely. Because as with so many things that have something forbidden or poisonous, the dose makes the poison. In fact, it has been shown that a small amount of alcohol is actually healthy, that in the form of a
homeostatic effect
which strengthens our immune system.

It is important to know that alcohol is a poison that attacks our cells. A small amount can be processed by our body, as mentioned above, this amount is also not harmful. This only happens when we drink alcohol in quantities that our bodies can no longer process. Be it as in a night that is a bit more debauched or by consuming too regularly.

Too much consumption, in addition to the death of cells, can make your body age faster, leading to age-related diseases such as cardiovascular, stroke, liver and kidney problems. You can also see it on the outside when people drink too much alcohol. Sallow skin, deep wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are not uncommon.

How you manage to drink less alcohol without completely giving up the pleasure, you will find here in our article

3. lemonade

There are sodas that are now sold to us as healthy without being so. Be it through the packaging or the designation without sugar. Unfortunately, this is misleading.

In addition to a high proportion of sugar, soft drinks often contain additives that our bodies have to break down without gaining any added value from them, and carbonic acid, which raises the acid level in our bodies and thus has a negative effect on certain processes.

Without sugar means that alternative sweeteners such as agave syrup or aspartame are added nevertheless. These are no less harmful than real sugar. They can also cause flatulence and diarrhea, among other things

Anyone who prioritizes sodas runs the risk of quickly developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes and obesity. All this leads to aging faster and getting sick faster and more often in old age.

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4. sweetened tea

Tea is something wonderful and valuable because herbs and plants contain flavonoids, among other things, or strong phenolic compounds like yerba mate. Find out why this should become your new morning ritual here in our article. Stay young longer – We tell you what to drink in the morning.

But other beneficial effects should not be underestimated. They can have a calming or invigorating effect, strengthen our immune system when we are sick or relieve abdominal cramps. Often, however, our taste buds are already so dulled that we perceive tea as bland and no longer taste the herbs themselves.

The solution to this is to add the sugars to make it „tastier“. This additive nullifies any healthy effect of teas. Even tea drinks from the supermarket, which are touted to us as healthy, are, often, loaded with plenty of sugar.

Tea with sugar is therefore also more like lemonade in herbal form and not much healthier. If tea is not yet in your cupboard, try fruit teas first, but make sure they are not additionally flavored.

5. sugary coffee toppings

Starbucks and other coffee chains have made a huge impact on our drinking culture when it comes to coffee. Pumkin Spicy Latte, caramel or vanilla syrup, or a bit of cream make this low-calorie and inherently healthy drink a calorie bomb.

In order to not always have to get this treatment at Starbucks and Co, you can also buy all the ingredients at home and treat yourself to something „great“ in the morning.

Only it corresponds exactly to the opposite. These coffee sugar bombs only make our blood sugar levels skyrocket, kill our taste buds, make the kilos on our hips grow and cost a lot of money unnecessarily.

Now you don’t have to drink your coffee black, but use oat milk, for example. Oats taste slightly sweet, but, without being added. It will take time for you to kick your sugar habit and it won’t be easy either. But it’s worth it to protect your body from rapid aging.

6. energy drinks

Red Bull you think its already out of fashion, but besides Red Bull there are many other drinks that promise you fast energy. Mate is one of them, but again, we’re sorry to say that it’s one of the 6 drinks you should avoid. Besides being high in caffeine, sugar is at the top of the list for energy drinks. Often even more than in sodas.

But the extremely high caffeine content can also cause damage if consumed in excess. Increased blood sugar levels are then compounded by increased blood pressure and heart rate. Our body is quite challenged here.
It is also not uncommon for the natural sleep rhythm to be disturbed, and with it melatonin production, which is important for the breakdown of zombie cells.

Energy drinks are also often mixed with alcohol, which is a kind of worst case scenario for our bodies when consumed over a long period of time.

Of course, there are moments when we need an extra energy boost. But healthy sleep and conscious lifestyle should always be in the foreground.


Our list of 6 drinks to avoid at Longevity doesn’t mean you can never indulge again. But that’s exactly what it should be. These drinks should not be part of every day and should only be a small part. 

Specifically, sugar, excessive caffeine, and additives make these drinks something that will harm your health, attack your cells, promote inflammation, and age your body faster.

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