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Our best nutrition tip geared for longevity

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For a younger body and more energy.

At a certain point in life, many wish they would age more slowly. At the latest, when you notice the first wrinkles, the laugh or frown lines slowly become visible, we are confronted with the topic of getting older and think about how we can keep our body young longer.

Well, even if we can’t stop it, there are things we can do to slow down the whole process. You can find many tips, recipes and information on our site. The measures for this should also be tackled as soon as possible. Because getting, is much easier than restoring!

Among all the other things we can do, food, what we provide and nourish our bodies with, is one of the most essential elements. One of the foods we should favor in this, and it can’t be mentioned enough, is plants, and lots of them.

Of course, many factors can influence healthy aging, and epigenetics plays a role at multiple levels. But when it comes to eating for a longer and younger life, the most important nutritional tip is to eat a wide variety of different plants.

We’ll tell you our best nutrition tip. Which plants are particularly beneficial and what should you look out for. Also learn why it’s so important to eat plants regularly and which plants are best to include in your diet.

Secondary plant substances – small quirks with a big effect.

Plants are rich in phytochemicals and dietary fiber, which are not found in animal products. Certainly, even very high quality game meat or fish has nutrients that are good for our bodies, so they should not be completely excluded from the diet, but the focus should be at least 80% vegetables and fruits. Because these are our true heroes and therefore our best nutritional tip we can offer you.

Alone if you look at our medicine, you will find that all medicines are based on a herbal model. Because plants have to defend themselves and thereby develop phytochemicals or from secondary plant substances called, which protect them.

These phytochemicals that plant builds up for its own protection, we absorb and thus the protection. The substances we take in through plants keep us alive, so to speak, but much more, they also protect us beyond that.

They boost our immune defenses, keep our gut microbiome balanced, protect our cells as well as their renewal, and can even keep the thymus gland (your immune defense center) active.

Vegetables that do not have the perfect appearance contain more of these substances. Because they have to assert themselves and fight. Thus, they build a stronger immune defense.
These substances will benefit you.

The more quirks like brown spots, crooked bends or imperfect shape the better.

In addition to phytochemicals, however, fiber also plays an important role when it comes to your body’s longevity. Dietary fiber is rich in prebiotics such as inulin or oligofructose. They serve as food for our intestines.

We often focus and only prebiotics to nourish our probiotics, but even those have to find their way into our gut first.

Probiotics Living microorganisms

Prebiotics no living microorganisms (serve as food for probiotics)

We automatically consume dietary fiber in a plant-based diet. We need to be more aware of probiotics. One of the best sources of this is fermented vegetables, kombucha or Tepache, our Mexican kombucha alternative made from pineapple.

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What are the best plant foods for a longer and younger life.

Of course, each type of fruit or vegetable has its own particular advantages, which is why they are among the best nutrition tips. Plants should be diverse and balanced in our diet. Be it in the form of juices (
Here are our top 3 cold pressed juices
or cooked vegetables like
grilled cauliflower from the oven.

But there are a few that have very specific benefits when we talk about longevity and a younger body. Plant compounds that specifically activate mechanisms that strengthen our mitochondria, keep our thymus gland active and our microbiome in balance.

In addition to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet
pomegranate, onions as well as garlic, but also beans, turmeric, ginger, blueberries and kale as well as other deep green leafy vegetables and top foods when it comes to longevity.

Here you will find a list of our
Top 10 Foods for a Longer Life

What can you take from here

High quality meat and fish should be part of a balanced diet. However, the focus should be at least 80% on fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts and seeds. If you have the opportunity to buy organic vegetables with small quirks, you should do it. Because their acquired defenses (phytochemicals) become your defenses. Therefore, our best nutritional tip is and remains – Eat plants and eat them as varied and often as possible.

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