Water is absolutely one of the greatest natural beauty ingredients we have and which we can integrate for free in our daily life. But, there is also another way, to provide your body with vital nutrient – Eat your water.

The Trick is Eat alive foods, where the water is the main ingredient. This is an extended way of drinking water. This hydrates your whole body and as a benefit, it´s provides fiber for your gut health, minerals, and vitamins which are necessary to strengthen your cells and support collagen and connective tissue.

To put it into practice, we share some summer meal ideas to hydrate your body on a cellular level. These plants heal the body on two levels. First, they „water“ our body’s organs and cells, but also strengthen the cell membranes and promote longevity with antioxidants and phytonutrients. And second: creating natural beauty happens on the cellular level. It’s about getting enough water, then keeping it where we want it, which is, inside the cells.


Shaved Melon Salad

Mix together melon, cucumber, mint, extra virgin olive oil and flaky sea salt. The addition of high-quality salt is important for two reasons.

  1. It elevates the flavor, and gives the sweetness of the watermelon a nice touch.
  2. salt, minerals, and electrolytes are integral for the cellular hydration and balance.

H2O need minerals, without minerals, the H2O wouldn’t seep in effectively and would remain, like water on a lotus leave.

Water-Rich Gazpacho

Blend together ripe and juicy tomatoes — make sure to remove the inner green part, cucumber, basil, and a few pieces of Honey Melon or Cantaloupe.
Put everything into a Blender with a bit of Salt, fresh grounded Pepper and if you like a few drops Tabasco Sauce. Once blended, chill for 4 hours and enjoy flooding your body with phytonutrients and feeling refreshed.

Tomatoes are 95 percent water, are high in lycopene (reducing free radicals) and antioxidant, which are incredibly effective at healing the skin. That’s why it’s often found in skincare products.

TIPP – If you have some extra organic tomatoes left after making the Gazpacho, you can peel the skin of the Tomato or blend the whole fruit as an inflammation face mask.

Roasted Grapefruit

Slice a grapefruit in two halves and drizzle a bit of raw honey on to it. Place in the oven and broil for 3-5 minutes, until the honey is bubbling.

Grapefruits are almost 90 percent water, and honey is a master at reducing inflammation and healing our digestive system.

Dragonfruit Parfait

Start with a base of coconut yogurt. Then, add pieces of pink dragonfruit, raspberries, sliced grapefruit, and almond butter together. Dragonfruit is high in antioxidants that fight free-radicals. It also contains components to cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Watermelon & Fennel Salad

We all love Watermelon. So let’s give this classic a culinary upgrade, with a mix of microgreens and herbs.

Cut watermelon into cubes, then sprinkle on it rosemary, baby arugula, mint leaves, shaved fennel and vegan Feta. Watermelon, apart from the 92 percent water, are rich in vitamin C, as fennel too.

Vitamin C is important for collagen formation, the protein structure that helps maintain the structure of cartilage and retain a strong water barrier. This helps your skin hydration, and ultimately it’s elasticity.

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