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6 recipes with coriander (quercitin)


Cilantro is already one of our absolute favorites this year when it comes to herbs. We know it mostly from Asian dishes, where it is sprinkled over soups or other dishes, and for good reason. Because cilantro is not just decoration.
Cilantro is an absolute super herb with life-extending ingredients and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cilantro is an excellent source of quercetin, an antioxidant that promotes longevity and has many other health benefits.
And even if you don’t like cilantro so much because you feel it tastes slightly like soap, we have for you delicious cilantro recipes that don’t taste like grandma’s soap, but are incredibly delicious and versatile. Because no one should have to do without cilantro.

Learn why cilantro recipes are the
Increase longevity

There are regions in the world where people live particularly long lives. These regions are called Blue Zones. Among many other factors, it was found because certain herbs are commonly used these regions. They are packed with features that promote longevity. One of the herbs is cilantro, which is full of antioxidants that have been shown to fight inflammation and lower the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease. In addition, coriander aids digestion, lowers blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cilantro is also packed with quercetin, a particularly powerful antioxidant that helps boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, balance your gut microbiome and promote longevity. Quercetin plays an important role in the activation of AMPK, a protein enzyme that helps regulate cell metabolism and protects the cell from energy deficiency. In addition, cellular processing of AMPK delays the aging process by eliminating damaged cells, thus preventing the development of zombie cells.

Besides this, coriander has the wonderful property of dissolving and eliminating heavy metals, especially mercury, from the body, thus counteracting and improving chronic diseases.

5 delicious anti-inflammatory cilantro recipes

6 anti-inflammatory recipes with coriander

feed me up before you go

1. taco time ! Vegetarian Lentils - Tacos with Mango - Pomegranate Salsa & Cilantro

Who does not love tacos please ?! Whether Mexican, Vegan, Breakfast with Crispy Fish or completely different with lentils, mango – pomegranate salsa & coriander. They are just so incredibly diverse. With tacos made from cornmeal, you can also easily enjoy them gluten-free. Our wonderful variant of
Feed Me Up Before You Go-Go
are not only full of our beloved cilantro, but also pomegranate seeds, the super seeds for your gut, healthy cells and the super booster for beautiful skin.

So try something new and enjoy a little summer already.

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2. red cabbage salad with mango & coriander

If you’ve only ever known red cabbage in the cooked version from Christmas dinner, you’re really missing out. Fresh raw red cabbage salad is just incredibly delicious and perfect for about anything. Be it as a side salad or as a topping for tacos, bao buns or falafel sandwiches they give everything a little extra crunchy kick. This variant of
Elle Republic
definitely makes every meal special.

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6 anti-inflammatory recipes with coriander

ELLE Republic

6 anti-inflammatory recipes with coriander

3. anti-inflammatory soup Asia - style with coriander

Each soup has its own characteristics and each culture its own recipes. We opted for the Asian variant. Here can be accommodated in a delicious way so many nutrients that promote our longevity. Not only cilantro, but all the other ingredients activate the longevity powers in your body. All the great properties you can also read here in the ingredient lexicon.

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4. cilantro lime dressing

You love salads and bowls, but you’re running out of ideas for delicious dressings to give them that extra special touch? Then be sure to try the bright green and incredibly delicious cilantro lime dressing from, as the name suggests, Cinnemon & Corinader.

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6 anti-inflammatory recipes with coriander

Cinnemin & Coriander

6 anti-inflammatory recipes with coriander

My kitchen battle

5. glass noodle salad with Korinander (fake) chicken

We also stay a little Asian here and are happy about the light glass noodle salad from
My kitchen battle
. Whether with real or fake chicken it is an absolute delight and perfect to go. Be it for a picnic or for work. With this you are always well and deliciously supplied. Of course, it’s not just the cilantro that makes it so healthy, but all the other ingredients support your body’s longevity.

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We hope we could give you some inspiration to integrate cilantro more into your daily menus. But of course you can prepare all dishes without cilantro and at the same time take a great benefit.

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