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Longer young and healthy 5 tips

For those who have little time

A longer life is not necessarily a better life.

Which is why, from my point of view, anti-aging is not the goal, since the focus here is on stopping aging. Longevity, on the other hand, advocates the philosophy of aging more slowly, with the goal of avoiding age-related symptoms through a more resilient body, thus maintaining a high quality of life.

Now and Later

Imagine your current life, the things you do, the moments you experience. Sports, traveling, hiking, working, enjoying time with friends and family, and being out and about.
Just do whatever you feel like doing – give your energy free rein.

Now imagine your life a few years from now and, at some point, all of that slowly becoming less and less or not feeling quite as easy. Not because you don’t feel like doing things anymore, but because you don’t have the energy for it, because you don’t feel physically fit anymore, situations quickly become too much for you or you simply don’t have the necessary concentration anymore.
Unimaginable! I know.

"Aging is the decline of our physical functions, Which increases our risk of mortality over the course of our lives."

What does aging actually mean ?

From a very pragmatic point of view, aging is defined mathematically in terms of mortality curves. Curves that show the risk of dying at a certain age. This gives science the opportunity to define the process of aging as follows:

“Aging is the decline of our physical functions, which increases our risk of death over the course of our lives.”

Based on this, it could also be recognized that after puberty, our risk of dying doubles every eight years. Phew. Tough number, but that’s what it looks like.

In our body countless processes are running, which are only meant to keep us alive. Even if we feed it poorly, don’t exercise, smoke, live in an unhealthy environment and have a lot of stress, it maintains these processes. But at what price?
Every negative influence means extra work and extra resources, i.e. consumption of vitamins and minerals for the repair processes that make our body age even faster, or eventually promote age-related diseases faster. That would be the opposite of slow aging, so to speak.

Our body a major construction site

Think of the body as a constant construction site, with many departments. All these departments store working materials (vitamins and minerals), while the workers are tirelessly on the move wherever they are needed. Places where repair processes are needed and inflammation causes damage.

A certain amount of inflammation in our body is important and right and it is able to cope with it without any problems, because it has the natural capacity for it and it even strengthens it. However, due to our lifestyle, which we get used to, at some point too many inflammatory processes run and our body reaches its limits – here we already come to the point of opening doors for age-related diseases.

This is because the working resources available to our bodies for these processes generally diminish after a certain age, and we know sooner than we realized. In addition, as mentioned, the inflammatory processes and places where repair is needed are becoming more and more. By the way we live, we encourage this process. All of the above cost him more resources than he has and in addition we also give him less than he needs.

The consequence, when our stores of working materials (vitamins and minerals) are not well filled or even empty, is that he simply resorts to another.
This begins a cycle that in the long term can trigger a deficiency of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and promote a faster aging process.

External treatments - Quick solution - Short-term success

Many see getting older, or the symptoms associated with it, as a fixed fact and believe that they can’t do much anyway except externally and try to conceal the signs there at least. Botox, creams, hydrotherapy, hair coloring, lip injections and whatever other beauty therapies there are.

In Germany, cosmetic products generate around 5.8 billion euros a year, and worldwide, up to and 24.5 million cosmetic operations take place every year. It is for us, as it seems, the most convenient way that promises quick success, but, it is also often much associated with ignorance.
In itself, we are aware that the convenient path that promises quick successes is rarely the long-term and sustainable one. We walk it anyway because we are focused on avoiding “heavy” work and resistance to save energy. However, we have not been living in the time where this played a role for several thousand years.

What if the effect wears off?

What if the effect wears off?

Botox fades, creams work only superficially, hair must be constantly recolored, (in addition, the chemistry also penetrates our bloodstream, cost our body resources again and makes it age faster), sprayed-on lips look artificial and too much make-up makes us look older rather than younger. All this has nothing to do with Slow Aging.

We are all in when it comes to taking care of our appearance. Loosen old skin flakes by exfoliating, stimulate the skin’s collagen formation with a rice water tonic or Gua Sha stone, nourish the skin with moisture and minerals through a beautiful mask and cream, or pamper the hair with a natural conditioner. All these are treatments that positively affect our skin and hair. However, we should also be aware that this superficial care is not the basic foundation, it is an add-on. If you want to slow down the aging process in the long term, which is also visible on the outside, you have to start at the point that is not visible.

How to age slowly

That’s where you come in yourself. Of course, so far no one is able to stop the process of aging, but we ourselves have it largely in hand, how fast this process of aging and that already from a point where we are getting older still very much enjoy and look forward to each additional year.

But eventually it switched. We notice that our bodies are starting to change, and often sooner than we would like. We start to think about various treatments, in the best case we think about the fact that sport could be a good idea and a little more sleep would not be so bad. Good thing, because you are the only one who has influence on you, your body and its resources that it needs.

Slow Aging Lifestyle vs Our Lifestyle

Today we prefer a lifestyle that makes it almost indispensable to invest in ourselves and our bodies, to make sports a daily routine, to make our diet healthy and extensive, and to implement nature more. Because, we are further away than ever from a lifestyle that suits us and our body and its natural needs. The best example is the studies conducted in Blue Zones. countries where people live to an above-average age. You can find more about this in our article
” Slow Aging – 10 anti-inflammatory foods for a younger body”. .

What is particularly striking in each of these countries is the close connection with nature. Whether it is the diet, daily exercise, the natural environment in which they live and the positive close social contacts. Our lifestyle, on the other hand, is more oriented towards the fact that we live in an urban environment, often eat a one-sided, unhealthy and artificial diet, smoke, drink too much alcohol, party too much, sleep too little, but have a lot of unhealthy stress. Arguments with friends and a general dissatisfaction are often part of our day. Far too rarely do we take time for ourselves and our or our body’s needs. We don’t even notice what he needs, because he’s just so good at not letting it show for a long time, which in turn gives us no reason to change anything.

And suddenly you see it....

All of a sudden we notice that regeneration processes start to take longer, symptoms become noticeable that are due to the reduced production of nutrients and certain hormones and are accompanied by visible and invisible changes. Up to this point, our bodies have spoiled us with an excess of it and have not even let us think about the topic of slow aging.

A surplus that has provided for our tight skin, energy and fast regeneration. Quasi, without us having to do anything and who forgave us all-nighters, little exercise or a not too healthy diet. And suddenly, we see the first serious wrinkles, realize that partying two days in a row is not so easy after all, and regeneration after sports or physical activities takes longer. That’s just the point we all get to – we just get noticeably older.

AND now?

At the latest now is the point where you should decide how fast this process should proceed. The sooner you adjust things, the greater the chance of still keeping certain doors closed that promote disease and thus rapid aging. Even though we cannot stop time, we can extend it. David Sinclair, a biologist and professor of genetics who specializes in the study of aging, even refers to the process of aging as a disease that can be treated rather than a, condition to which we must surrender.

We ourselves often live in the dichotomy of wanting to do something for ourselves because we don’t like to see signs of aging too quickly. However, stress, little time and the inner overcoming are also a constant companion that tends to pull us to the sofa and quick energy from carbohydrates, fat and sugar.

We would be lying if we said that it is easy to integrate new and especially healthy routines into your life, so we would like to try to give you things that can be integrated into your everyday life without spending extra time.


1. fasting
We are so used to always having something to eat on hand. Snacking quickly, buying something on the go, or just reaching for something sweet due to stress. But our body also needs the feeling of starvation from time to time. This strengthens its own defense mechanism.
Our tip, step by step move your breakfast back and your dinner a bit forward, so that at some point you are at the point of not eating for up to 14-16 hours.

2. sleep routine
Our body must be able to regenerate. In our mid-20s, we can sometimes pull all-nighters and get by on just a few hours of sleep on some nice weekends. Already there we go to our resources, but, what would life be without such special moments. Sleep should still be your focus at some point, as it is the time when your body can best regenerate.

At least during the week, get into a routine where you always go to bed at about the same time. Treat yourself to a tea made from bitter herbs 2 hours before to promote detoxification and digestive processes during the night. A 5-minute sleep meditation will help not only your mind but also your body to calm down.

3. supplements
Unfortunately, the fact is that food, even fruits and vegetables do not always provide us with what our body needs. Breeding, storage and processing have the consequence that less nutrients are contained than should be. Fish is more contaminated with heavy metals than with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and anyone who believes that eating meat (except for self-hunted game) sufficiently fills his B12 household must unfortunately be disappointed here.
Therefore, a very conscious supplementation with Omega 3, B vitamins (incl. B12) and vitamin D + K2 is an important component to supply our body sufficiently. A corresponding article on what to consider when supplementing and why it can also have a negative effect, you will learn next week in our article.

4. movement
I would like to deliberately avoid the word sport here, as it is a red rag for many.
The saying “You need to exercise more” haunts most people’s minds and triggers an uneasy feeling rather than motivating. Therefore, let us integrate movement into our lives. 20 – 30 minutes a day are quite sufficient. A good start would be a quick walk to work, or a tour on the bike, a short mini workout in front of the TV, or deliberately walking the stairs at home or in the office 2 – 3 times a day up to the 3rd floor and back. See what fits for you and increase it slowly. The important thing here is the daily routine.

5. avoid sugar
Sugar not only doesn’t give us nutrients, sugar actually robs us of them. Next to sports, this is one of the things we find most difficult. If you’re wondering why that is, here’s the answer. Sugar has a similar effect to cocaine. It provides an immense dopamine release, but only with a short effect.
A strong counterpart are bitter substances. They reduce the desire for sweets. Bitter tea and 80% chocolate (rich in polyphenols – more on this in an upcoming article) ****can work wonders here. You will not like this change at first, but after 1-2 weeks it will change. Also be careful not to fall into hunger traps too much during the day, especially during stressful periods.


Take time to gradually integrate these points into your daily routine. They are essential when it comes to keeping your body young longer and delaying the aging process for some time.

If you want to know what is also outwardly considered an absolute insider tip, look also at our article
Rice water for beautiful skin – collagen booster from Asia over.

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