5 things you can do after a night
should do with not enough sleep.

Had another bad night? Bad sleep is not uncommon and there are many causes. In the long run, it can make us physically and mentally ill.

We’ll show you 5 things you should do after a night of not enough sleep and that will help you sleep better the next!

Tips that you surely do not know yet!

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Poor sleep makes us sick and also makes us age faster!

Did you know that? You’re able to fall asleep, but then in the middle of the night, you suddenly wake up. Then we often roll from side to side in the hope of quickly falling asleep again, which unfortunately is rarely the case. The hours until we have to get up again are getting shorter and shorter, sometimes we fall asleep again briefly and wake up completely contrite and overtired.

And then in the end, it is clear that the day will not be as we would have wished. Bad-tempered, irritable, lacking energy, and unfocused, we try to get through it somehow. Because all these are effects of too little sleep. Most of the time we have such a night once in a while. Whether it’s because something happened the day before that’s bothering us, we have a cold, or we’re sleeping in an unfamiliar place.

But there are tips and tricks the day after we didn’t get enough sleep to save us and get a better night’s sleep the next night. Because this is important not only in terms of our mood and energy but also when it comes to longevity and protecting your body from getting old.

Melatonin is not only a sleep hormone, but also increases mitophagy, the key to a longer life.

How poor sleep affects your health

While we sleep, our body regenerates and recovers so that it can perform at its best the next day. Even if some like to say, “I can still sleep when I’m dead,” to express that sleep is a waste of time, exactly the opposite is the case. In fact, too little sleep makes us age much faster, promotes disease and inflammation.

During our sleep phase, our body not only regenerates, but also gets rid of toxins that have accumulated during the day, not only physically, but also mentally. Just like our body, our brain also needs the possibility to go into offline mode in order to be able to process all the impressions and experiences that flood us, so that we do not become overloaded. If it does not get this opportunity, we can become not only mentally ill but also physically.

Now, it’s not that just a bad night’s sleep makes you sick, but it’s noticeable and we’re not as energetic as we’d like to be on a day without enough sleep. Then, when it becomes several nights of not getting enough sleep, we start to have real problems.

Our 5 tips to improve your mood and performance after a night of not getting enough sleep!

1. quite clear! Drink caffeine and block adenosine!

It’s quite clear that a little caffeine kick in the morning can work wonders. But that’s where it should stay. A night of not getting enough sleep doesn’t mean you should drink more caffeine as a percentage. Rather the opposite. Too much caffeine can negatively affect your sleep. Especially for people who metabolize caffeine more slowly than others, this can become a problem.

But why does drinking coffee in the morning actually help us?
Caffeine attaches to the same receptors as adenosine.
Adenosine is one of the most powerful molecules that inhibits neuronal activity, causing drowsiness. It is a sign that we should rest or sleep. If during the sleep phase, adenosine has not been sufficiently broken down, as with a night without enough sleep, we still feel completely tired when we get up.

To interrupt this and block adenosine, caffeine is the first choice. Instead of coffee you can also try our Jerba Mate Latte you can try. This not only keeps you awake longer than coffee, but also longer young.

Image by: Matheus Natan

2. eat proteins and healthy fats

After a night of too little sleep, we are in an energy deficit, which means we are quickly drawn to quick energy like sugar and carbohydrates.

However, sugary and carbohydrate-rich foods tend to have the opposite effect in the long term over the course of the day. They deprive us of energy, nutrients and also quickly drive up blood sugar levels. Our body then has to expend a lot of energy to compensate for this. Again, the result is fatigue.

Protein-rich foods and healthy fats are exactly what your body needs after a night of not getting enough sleep! They provide our body with healthy energy and keep blood sugar levels constant.

Our favorites after a night of little sleep is a high protein breakfast of oatmeal or for lunch, our Protein Rich 15 Minute Tacos.

3. treat yourself to some sun!

Light and sun inhibit the release of melatonin and caffeine inhibits the release of adenosine.
Therefore, it is important to get some sun as soon as possible. The best way to do ot
is with a Jerba Mate latte in your hand.
In this way, your entire circulation is immediately stimulated. You should also treat yourself to small sunbaths throughout the day to give you a little energy boost.

4. take a walk!

What is easier to combine with sunbathing than a walk. Even if we feel like lying on the sofa after a night without enough sleep, it has the opposite effect not only for the moment but also in the long run.

Lying around makes us even more tired and makes us fall asleep over and over again. The result is that we feel even more sleepy than we are that day itself, and it also affects sleep the following night because we slept too much during the day. Therefore, what can happen is that we have trouble falling asleep again in the evening, turn from left to right and have another restless night with too little sleep.

Therefore, motivate yourself and get out there. A short walk provides us with oxygen, gets our circulation going and we also treat ourselves to some sun. We don’t expect you to fall into athletic activities right away, but moderate walking or biking can re-energize you.

5. go to sleep normally!

To avoid ending up in a vortex of multiple nights with too little sleep, try to go to bed at your normal bedtime. Therefore, you should also avoid making up for your lack of sleep during the day. Also, going to bed too early usually causes you to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to fall back asleep. To avoid this, you can make a small 15-minute nap during the day.

To fall asleep more calmly and relaxed in the evening, you can increase your melatonin production with our
Sleepy Girl Mocktail in a natural way

What can you take from here

IIt’s normal to have a night of not getting enough sleep every now and then. The only important thing is to look at how we can best support our body and mind the day after in order to still have enough energy and be in a better mood. Be it through protein-rich healthy meals, a short walk in the sun, or some Jerba Mate in the morning.

There are some things you can do to still spend your day with the energy you want.

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