The 3 best skin care tips to repair sun damaged skin naturally
+ ingredients which are very helpful

Have you ever forgot your time at the beach? You’ll see how red your skin is once you’re home and freshly showered. As beautiful as a day in the sun can be, it is important to protect the skin from UV rays.

Proper protection begins not only before sunbathing, but also afterwards. We tell you the best tipsso that you can rebalance your skin with the right tools and active ingredients.

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After sunbathing is before sunbathing

The sun gives us a feeling of warmth, light, and freedom. It has positive effects on our health because it is a natural source of vitamin D, which is important for our bone health and immune system. Sunlight can lift our mood and stimulate the production of happy hormones, and it can also have a calming effect and help us relieve stress. However, too much sun can lead to dry and damaged skin and have long-term negative effects.

Ladival’s article on sun protection factor shows that the recommended amount of sun exposure depends on various factors, such as skin type, geographical location, and time of day. In general, it is recommended to enjoy about 10-30 minutes of direct sunlight on the face, arms, and legs two to three times a week to produce enough vitamin D. It is important to enjoy the sun in the early morning or late afternoon hours to avoid strong UV radiation.

How much sun is good for us?

Longer than the recommended daily amount can be harmful beyond a certain point, leading to sunburn, premature aging, and skin cancer. Especially in the period between 10 o’clock in the morning and 4 o’clock in the afternoon, you should rather stay in the shade. If you are going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, be sure to apply sunscreen and wear clothing that protects you from the sun and its UV rays. Another tip is to use mineral sunscreens. Check out our article on testing mineral sunscreens for more information on how they can help fight premature skin aging.

Whether after a short time in the sun or longer sunbathing, it is important to give the skin enough moisture at the end of the day so that it can regenerate. For this purpose, a moisturizer such as after sun or creams and gels with aloe vera are usually suitable, as they have a soothing effect on the skin.

Regenerate sun damaged skin with these simple steps

1. treat your skin to a gentle cleanse

Sun-damaged skin requires gentle cleansing to prevent further irritation. Use mild cleansing products such as soap-free gels or creams to gently cleanse the skin and prevent it from drying out further. Also, refrain from hot showers or baths, as they could put additional stress on weakened skin. Instead of intense rubbing, gently pat the skin dry to minimize irritation.

2. moisturize your skin abundantly

After long exposure to the sun or a sunburn, the skin urgently needs moisture to recover. Generously apply a rich, moisturizing cream or lotion, such as the soothing
After Sun Lotion by Annemarie Boerlind.

Ingredients such as aloe vera soothe and regenerate the skin. Avoid products with alcohol or strong fragrances, as they may further irritate the skin. Furthermore, you can use a moisturizing mask or a cool, damp cloth to soothe the skin. Another tip: make sure to drink enough water to hydrate the skin from the inside as well and support the healing process.

Image by: Mo Eid

3. rebuild the protective barrier of the skin

After intense sun exposure, it is important to rebuild the skin’s protective barrier to strengthen and protect it from further damage. Using nourishing oils before showering can help. Natural oils such as almond oil or coconut oil moisturize the skin and support its regeneration. Gently massage the oil into sun-damaged skin to soothe and lock in moisture. Our article on the use of nourishing oil before showering provides you with in-depth information on this topic.

What can you take from here

Sun-damaged skin can be effectively repaired with the right care and products. Moisturizing skin care with ingredients such as aloe vera and hyaluronic acid soothes and moisturizes the skin. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E support the repair processes and protect against further free radical damage. Good skin care before and after sun exposure is important to prevent further damage and protect the skin.

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