Mineral sunscreen to the test! Our top 5 against premature skin aging!

Especially now, after the long winter, we want a summery complexion that is good for our psyche and makes us radiant. We often forget for a moment that we need to protect our skin. Because UV rays are one of the main external factors that make our skin age faster and can also cause damage to our cells. Here’s why protection is so important for a longer life, and which mineral sunscreen made it into our top 5.

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The new era of mineral sunscreens, whether ultra-broad spectrum protection, Blue Light Filter or
Coral Reef Friendly, we have them all.

Now, finally, the summer has arrived. The days are getting longer, we enjoy the warm sun and the time we can spend outside. At the same time, your desire for a summery, lightly tanned complexion increases, making us a little careless about sun protection in some situations.

We also enjoy the feeling of not weighing ourselves down with multiple layers of creams, makeup, and similar stuff, as we often do in the winter, and just being who we are.

We don’t want to take this feeling away from you either, but protection from too much sun is just as important because, at a certain time, it does us more harm than good. Often the first thing we think of is skin cancer when it comes to too much sun or getting a bad sunburn.

But even without immediately thinking of the worst, unprotected sunbathing has a negative effect on our cells and skin after about 20 minutes (for light Central European skin). Before that, it is important for us because it stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is important for many processes, including cell renewal.

Say yes to mineral sunscreen.

Of course, sunscreen in itself is nothing new. However, we didn’t think about it as much in our mid-20s as we did in our mid-30s, and the quality or type of sun protection tended to be based on different criteria than it is nowadays. Not only is our skin becoming more demanding, but our awareness of sustainability has changed even more and the positive trend over the years has been more and more towards mineral sunscreens instead of chemical ones.

One effect that always made it hard to switch to mineral sunscreen was looking like a little ghost. This is because unlike chemical products, which are readily absorbed into the skin, mineral products use ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which cause the white effect. These sit on the skin and physically block the UV rays.

Since the first mineral sunscreens, however, things have changed and more and more products are coming onto the market that not only protects our skin but also our bodies and the waters.

We got an overview and selected the 5 best mineral sunscreens for you.
The following factors were important to us when selecting mineral sunscreens:

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Protection from UVA and from UVB, Coral Reef Friendly, Waterproof, Mineral UV filters without nanoparticles and Alcohol Free.

It is important to note that as with all sunscreens, all mineral sunscreens must also be reapplied every two hours. But not only in summer do we have to pay attention to our sun protection in order to prevent premature skin aging , even in winter facial care with SPF should be part of the routine.

Prevent skin aging - Why is it important to protect the skin?

The first reason why it is important to protect your skin is the one that you will quickly notice on the outside over the years. Too much sun makes our skin age faster. Wrinkles imprint deeper, it loses moisture and elasticity faster. The older we get, the faster this process goes, as our skin loses more and more of its own capacity to regenerate.

Sebaceous glands produce less fat, less collagen, hyaluron and protein is produced, which are responsible for protection and regeneration and keep our skin flexible and firm. If there is too much sun, it increases the concentration of free radicals, which cause additional cell and tissue damage and further reduce the skin’s ability to regenerate. Welcome wrinkles, age spots, and leather skin.

Say yes to mineral sunscreen.

What does skin protection have to do with longevity?

Besides causing visible damage to our skin on the outside and aging it faster, too much sun also penetrates deep under the skin and leaves massive damage. Our skin is our largest organ and when it is damaged, it also has a strong impact on the rest of our body. Not only do we want to prevent premature skin aging, we want to prevent cell damage and change in them just as much. That happens with too much sun because UV radiation can lead to so-called photodamage and mutations in the DNA. This increases the risk of skin cancer and leads to an increased amount of senescent cells that cause massive damage in our body and are one of the main causes of our aging process.

Image by: Mikhail Nilov

Why mineral sunscreen is better than chemical!

There are two sides to this that need to be looked at. Firstly, the influence on our body, and also the influence on nature. Because chemical sunscreens have become a major problem for the water. They contribute to coral death in oceans and in lakes, they promote the development of blue-green algae and cause lakes to “turn over” more quickly.

In relation to our body, chemical UV – filters such as octocrylene, oxybenzone, octinoxate, enzacamen, or avobenzone enter our blood. They have potential cancer-promoting properties and have an impact on our hormone balance and can negatively affect fertility. This already cancels out the benefit they bring us since their negative influence is at least as bad as the sun.

Summer tan even with mineral sunscreen!

One reason why many like to go a little longer without sunscreen is the worry of not getting a tan, and especially after winter, our need for some color is especially high. Hence the question, can we tan even with sunscreen?
The answer to this is quite clearly, YES.

It takes a little longer, but it’s also a lot healthier. Despite sunscreen, enough UV light still reaches our skin to provide us with a tan, because there is no such thing as 100% protection, and there shouldn’t be, because that would be too much of a good thing. The SPF also plays a role here. The lower this is, the more UV light reaches our skin and the lower the protection. So you see, with mineral sunscreens, premature skin aging can be avoided without having to give up your summer complexion.

Therefore, we now present our top 5 mineral sunscreens with an SPF between 30 and 50. These are cruelty free, vegan, provide protection from UVA and from UVB, are Coral Reef Friendly, Waterproof, have mineral UV filters without nanoparticles, and are alcohol free.

Thumbnail: Mineralische Sonnencreme im Test! Unseren Top 5 gegen frühzeitige Hautalterung!

This wonderful sunscreen from Avéne protects you not only from the sun but also from Blue Light. Because blue light, as is now known, damages the skin just like UV rays and accelerates skin aging.

Avéne sunscreen thus protects you at all levels, as it is one of the few that also has a broad-spectrum filter and thus protects against all types of UV rays.

You want more? Get. Avéne cares not only about you and your body but also about the environment. The packaging is easily recyclable and consists 68% recycled plastic.

It offers you and your skin a caring all-round protection for every day.

Clinique is known to be a good partner, especially for sensitive skin. For decades, they have rightfully been an integral part of the cosmetics industry, and their products never fail to impress. So too with their sunscreen collection.

They use patch technology from medicine, which allows the mineral sunscreen particles to bond with the skin and be absorbed so well. The sunscreen particles are almost invisible and have a pleasant texture that leaves a pleasant soft feeling. It is Allergy tested. 100% fragrance free and dermatologically tested, and is perfect for sensitive skin as it is oil free and non-comedogenic.

Certified Organic, Reef Friendly, broad spectrum protection, only natural ingredients, hypoallergenic formula, and free of everything we don’t want. What more can one say? This wonderful mineral sunscreen from France convinces us all along the line and is perfect for a day at the seaside.

Due to the anti-white effect, you can also show yourself in all your beauty. The beauty of it is that it has a great advantage in that you can spray it on and thus avoid giving yourself unwanted sand peeling every time you put cream on.

This mineral sunscreen was specially developed for sensitive skin.
It comes completely without perfume and still has a pleasant, light scent. With a pure mineral zinc oxide filter, it protects the sensitive skin of babies, children, and adults from too much UV radiation.

Not only that, but it also complies with the Hawaii Reef Act, protecting our local waters as well as the inhabitants of the world’s oceans.

Suntribe is perfect, especially for the more active among you. Be it jogging, beach volleyball or skating, this sunscreen stays put and has found a formula to reduce whitening. The Reef Safe Certificate means that you can also use it for sporting activities in the water without hesitation. Aloe vera and chamomile soothe the skin, making this mineral sunscreen also very compatible with sensitive skin.

What can you take from here

It’s not so easy to find the perfect sunscreen. But if you know what to look for, it makes the search easier.
Cruelty free, Vegan, Protection against UVA and UVB, Coral Reef Friendly, Waterproof, Mineral UV filters without nanoparticles, and Alcohol freeare important criteria to include when it comes to protecting your skin, but also nature.

Avoiding premature skin aging is easy with our top 5 best mineral sunscreens and always gives you the feeling of treating yourself to something beautiful.
Not only to avoid premature aging of the skin but also to increase longevity, it is important to use the right sunscreen, because UV rays can change the DNA of your cells and thus cause your body to age faster.

Mineral sunscreens are not only better for the environment, but also for you, because
chemical sunscreens can promote cancer and alter hormones. We hope you find your perfect sunscreen.

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