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Use body oil BEFORE showering!
Our secret tip for beautiful, radiant skin.

Definitely try it out!

Slowly we are approaching spring and in our minds we are already in summer and dream of getting rid of the twilight look. Short dresses and shorts, T-shirt, finally let the sun on your skin again. But what does this actually look like?

Did your skin survive the winter with its heating air and long clothes well or does it feel rather dry and flaky?

Having a body that lives longer, is healthy and glows from the inside out has a lot to do with how we nourish her. But also from the outside, needs our skin needs protection and care.

One of the most important components of this is moisture. Once to give it to her, but also to preserve it. Cheap body lotions often promise a lot, but unfortunately often deliver little and can even harm our skin and contain substances that are not good for her externally and us internally.

A wonderful alternative is therefore a care oil and how you apply it and serve skin optimally prepared for the summer, we show the here.

When you use nourishing oil before showering, you create a protective shield between your skin and the water!

As a rule, we cream or oil ourselves after showering, which seems logical to us, of course. As far as oil is concerned, however, this is exactly the wrong approach. Care oil should always be applied before showering.

Maybe that sounds a little strange at first. However, when we are not taking lukewarm or cold showers, the water and heat deprives our skin of its natural oils.

This in turn is logical, as heat dissolves fats and once this protective barrier is gone, the water on our skin evaporates much faster and dries it out that way. To prevent this, it is important to build up and strengthen this protective shield of fats so that your skin doesn’t dry out while showering.

Oil is an occlusive substance. Occlusive means to close. Oil seals our skin in a certain way so that the moisture is retained and not lost.

Tips and procedure

Oil yourself before showering, and when showering, use a mild soap or shower gel that is replenishing and moisturizing.
Our tip is, make sure your shower water is lukewarm to warm, but definitely not too hot. This would only unnecessarily attack your skin, dry it out and dissolve the applied oil.

You should also ideally use only as much shower gel or soap as necessary. The images of fully lathered skin tend to do the opposite of what they are meant to suggest.

Because when it comes to your skin, less is often more.

Super tip
Oil your skin again while it is damp and then gently blot it with a towel. Don’t worry, your towel won’t absorb the oil this way.

The best nourishing oils for the skin before showering

Jojoba oil is perfect for your skin. It has an extremely nourishing, smoothing and protective effect. The reason for that is vitamin A and vitamin E.

But not only that, it is so good as a nourishing oil before showering, because it has a cleansing effect. Vitamin A also provides an anti-inflammatory effect.
Thus, it is especially suitable for sensitive skin that tends to inflammation.

  • Purifying effect
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Smoothing

Almond oil is one of the queens when it comes to skin care. Its high content of oleic acids penetrates deep into the skin and forms a perfect protective shield.
It is also the perfect oil when it comes to longevity, because through vitamin E not only protects the skin from free radicals, but also stimulates cell growth through vitamin B and thus has a regenerating effect.

  • Provides moisture
  • Has a calming effect
  • serves as UV protection
  • Protects against free radicals
  • Stimulates cell growth

Agang oil has a long tradition when it comes to skin and hair care. Since it is very complex in its production, it also has its price. But it’s worth it. Argan oil, like almond oil, consists primarily of oleic acids and linoleic acid, which have a protective effect.

  • Protection of the epidermis
  • Cell structure and cell protection
  • Protection from free radicals
  • Protection against premature skin aging


See which oil suits you and your skin well and just try the new method for 1-2 weeks. You will quickly notice that your skin becomes more supple and soft. You can also add a few drops of essential oil such as grapefruit or lavender to the nourishing oil after showering.

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