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Slow aging
We give you 8 tips for a longevity lifestyle

That we age is a fact and a process that cannot be avoided. But how, and especially how fast, is largely up to us and our lifestyle.
In itself, everything goes well for a long time without us noticing anything big, but from the early thirties, it slowly changes and we notice internal and external changes.

So the thought also slowly comes up that we are getting older and think about how we can postpone that a bit more. We also notice that there are people around us who age faster or slower, which is a result of their lifestyle. Diet, negative stress, nutrient deficiencies, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle naturally accelerate the aging process as well.

Excessive free radicals lead to oxidative stress, which damages our cells and promotes zombie cells. Poor sleep prevents our body from regenerating and breaking down zombie cells. Too little exercise weakens our body and slows down lymphatic circulation, which inhibits the removal of toxins and turns our body into a toxic dump.
Lack of blood circulation is also a factor leading to premature aging, as exercise has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body.

But not only the physical aspect plays a role, the psyche also plays an important role when it comes to our aging process. The more positive and relaxed our attitude to aging is, and if we have a vibrant appearance, the younger we not only look but also physically are. Enjoying what we do, and having a balanced social life and sex life slows down the aging process.

Negative feelings, fears, worries, insecurities, and a body in which we do not feel well are reflected in chronic diseases and depression, as well as a gray complexion and dry hair.

Longevity is a lifestyle!

Our body has in pretty extensive system when it comes to keeping us healthy and alive. Everything goes into each other and should be in balance with each other, so that we are also in balance.

Some processes and organs play a very special role in the aging process. As they influence our metabolism, are the center for our immune defense, regulate our sleep.

The following glands produce hormones that regulate everything from our metabolism to digestion. These systems are controlled by our circadian rhythm, which is maintained by the nightly production of melatonin, making sleep an essential element for anti-aging.

– Pineal gland (for the production of melatonin)

– Thyroid gland (regulates metabolism)

– Pancreas (helps with digestion and blood sugar regulation)

– Ovaries and testes (produce sex hormones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone).

– Thymus gland is the center of our immune defenses

– Adrenal glands (produce cortisol, has a short-term anti-inflammatory effect and protects the organism from overload).

All these organs have a direct and indirect influence on various levels of how fast our aging process progresses and whether we grow older with a smile or a sad face.

Our 8 tips that will keep you young longer!

1. sleep

Sleep is not only for rest. During sleep, our body works at full speed. It digests, it detoxifies, it processes what it has experienced and it goes into battle against zombie cells.
You can understand why a good and sufficient sleep is so important and why, when we don’t sleep well, we feel so KO and unfit.

Especially the right amount of melatonin is important when it comes to living longer. Melatonin is not only a sleep hormone, but also the hormone that can revert created zombie cells, protecting our body from aging too quickly.

2. rest and relaxation

Here, we tend to think of lounging on the sofa or spending time in the bathtub. However, it can also vitalize us. Releasing the mind from overwhelming situations through, meditation, yoga, and relaxing music lowers our stress levels, helps us to concentrate better and reduces inflammatory processes in our body and restores calm to our nervous system.

Image by: Katarzyna Kos

3. drink water

Something that simply cannot be mentioned enough. Everything in our body, every organ, every cell, every process is dependent on water. When this element is missing, everything comes to a standstill. It regulates body temperature, metabolism, transports nutrients, detoxifies and much more.

The first symptoms are thirst, fatigue, headache and irritability. If you feel this, it is a sign that your body urgently needs fluid in the form of water.

Soft drinks, coffee and alcohol are not among the beverages your body needs. On the contrary, some of them cost it even more energy and nutrients, which pushes it further to its limits.

If these processes are disturbed, you will age faster than you would like. Therefore, try to drink about 1200 ml per day. This will keep you on the safe side.

4. movement

Even if it is sometimes really hard for us, exercise is extremely essential. To list all the advantages would exceed the capacity here. Exercise means muscles, which are extremely important the older we get. Exercise stimulates our metabolism, reduces stress, increases our mood and thus our self-esteem, transports toxins and keeps us mobile.

A good mix of HITT training, strength training and yoga will rejuvenate your body and mind by several years and prevent many age-related diseases.

5. dry brushing

Dry brushing is a nice way to do something good for yourself, whether in the morning or in the evening. In the morning it stimulates your circulation and in the evening it helps your body to detoxify and each time your blood circulation and lymphatic fluid is stimulated.

Your lymphatic system is an important process when it comes to removing toxins from all corners of your body. When this system falters, toxins and debris accumulate. For us women it is also noticeable by the not so popular cellulite, not that this is the cause, but it is promoted even more.

6. keep your brain on its toes

Not only our body wantsto be trained, but also our brain. So mental challenges are super important. Be it learning a new language, doing crossword puzzles, or changing hands while brushing your teeth.

There are many ways to stimulate our brain and give it new tasks.

This promotes new neural pathways and keeps it going.
Also dealing with unpleasant and new things, or technology.

This also prevents you from being afraid of innovations and changes and keeps you in time.

7. the right amount of stress

The amount and management of stress has a strong impact on our aging process. We distinguish here between positive stress, which is actually good for us, and negative stress, which is often a permanent burden. During stress, cortisol, among other things, is released, which protects us from the consequences of stress in the short term, but also harms us if it is permanently released. It then promotes inflammation, makes us gain weight or hinders fat loss, promotes high blood pressure, and more.

To keep your cortisol levels in balance it is important to find moments of rest and relaxation. Be it through meditation, yoga, sports or a walk in the fresh air.

8. a healthy social life

Some need more, some of them less. But we all need to do them in order to feel whole. Social contacts are important for our well-being and our psyche. They give us security, trust, appreciation and the feeling of not being alone.

Loneliness leads to depression and chronic illness. Therefore, it is important to make sure to meet with friends and families even in a stressful everyday life, because your job cannot give you this exchange.

What can you take from here

These 8 small tips alone can rapidly slow down your aging process and make you live longer and healthier. Longevity is a lifestyle that makes you feel good physically and mentally. Which gives you energy and lets you experience new things again and again.

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