3 steps for a facial massage that detoxifies your skin and keeps it young.

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By now, each of us has our little routines when it comes to our skin. We always like to keep an eye out for natural methods that will support you and your body and keep you young. In the case today your skin.
It is simply natural that it loses some of its resilience with each passing year, there is nothing we can do about that. But, we can slow down this process by providing our skin with everything it needs and helping it stimulate collagen formation without making it too complicated like our 3-step facial massage.

Facial massage to detoxify the skin

For thousands of years, massages have been used not only for relaxation, but also for medicinal purposes. There are countless types and each one is an art in itself and supports the healing of the whole body.

Massages stimulate the lymphatic fluid and circulation, thus supporting the detoxification of the body. Another wonderful positive effect is also the Influence on our psyches. Because they calm, trigger well-being and thus reduce stress. Therefore, it is no wonder that they have survived the test of time and still play an important role today.

Many people first think of massage in terms of their body or perhaps their head, but rarely their face. But it is here that it has an effective effect and we can do it ourselves.

Especially in the morning it is a boon. It gently stimulates our blood circulation and lymphatic fluid. It transforms our sleepy puffy face into a relaxed me and offers us a few minutes of time for ourselves and our well-being. Besides all this, it also stimulates the formation of collagen and tightens our skin.

Here are our 3 massage steps,
that help detoxify your skin and keep it young longer.

1. the right tool

As with any massage you will need something Oil to make sure you don’t do the opposite and tug too hard on your skin. It’s best to use your favorite oil, one that moisturizes, protects your skin with vitamin E, and provides it with invigorating ingredients, especially in the morning, so that it leaves you glowing all day. Our absolute favorite is the DEEP MOISTURE vitamin oil from MÁDARA (unpaid advertising).

For the massage you can use your hands on the one hand, but to increase the intensity and also to be able to massage more specifically, we recommend you an additional tool like the Gua Sha stone to use. The gua sha of rose quartz has an anti-inflammatory effect at the same time, but should be used gently for severe skin problems.

2. massage

If you have your tools at hand, can we start the massage? Below you will find step-by-step instructions from Tina Engeo:

To prepare, apply a few drops of oil to your skin.

Take the stone about flat in your fingers and always stroke your face from the inside to the outside, so you stimulate your lymph flow. Use your natural contours and facial bones as a guide.

On the jaw, stroke the stone from the chin to the ears first. Then from the tip of the nose up the bridge of the nose to the hairline. Now draw the stone on each side from the root of the nose over the cheeks to the temples. Especially where your skin is thinner, like at the eyes, you should only work with a gentle pressure.

Now we go to the forehead. Here you start in the middle and stroke the stone outward to the hairline each time. On the neck, massage from the bottom up. This is a good way to prevent a double chin.

You don’t have to put a lot of pressure on it. By applying light pressure with the Gua Sha, the treatment becomes effective and gentle, resulting in firmer skin, more contour and flatness due to detoxification.

Here is a step by step tutorial as video by Tina Enego .

3. clean

When you treat your face with the Gua Sha stone, residue may appear as the stone and massage pulls talc and residue from the skin. Together with the oil, it creates a film on your skin. Don’t be surprised, slight redness also occurs as blood flow is stimulated. However, this disappears again quite quickly.

To rinse off the residues, it is enough to wash your skin with clear water or a very light cleanser and then apply a light and protective moisturizing cream. moisturizing cream.


Allow yourself the 5 minutes in the morning for a facial massage. Regularity will reward you with firmer and tighter skin. Your pores will become finer, your skin will detoxify and thus inflammation will gradually be reduced and wrinkles will be diminished but also prevented. You see, the little morning routine is worth it!

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