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This anti-inflammatory Super Shot is my first choice when it comes to reducing inflammation in the body.
Citrus Fruits, which provides sweetness and vitamin C, ginger, cayenne pepper and turmeric, which I love for their incredible anti-inflammatory properties, and black pepper, which enhances the effects of the turmeric.
The anti-inflammatory Super Shot is perfect as a morning shot to wake up, but also as an evening elixir by infusing it in some sparkling water or running warm water. Quite what the season requires. You can learn more about the effects of each ingredient in the article the top 5 anti-inflammatory foods and also why an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is so important to the slow aging process.

You need


How To

Put everything in your blender and puree it until everything is well blended. If you prefer it without pulp, you can pass everything through a fine sieve afterwards.
Enjoy the anti-inflammatory Super Shot as a morning shot, or mix it with sparkling water and drink it as a nice evening ritual. This way you support your body in its repair processes while you sleep.
You can easily prepare it in advance and store it in a sealed jar in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

For a cure, drink it every day for 3 weeks or then as needed.
The anti-inflammatory Super Shot is also PERFECT for sore muscles that occur, menstrual cramps, bloating and seasonal allergies.

Anti-inflammatory Super Shot

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