4 anti-aging recipes that will make you look younger again and remove senescent cells.

Food that makes you look youngerThe idea of a food that makes you look younger by removing senescent cells (cobicells) sounds almost too good to be true, and if you think that this is only possible with sacrifices and complicated recipes, you are wrong.

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Eat delicious food to look younger? This is how it works!

There are ingredients that belong to the so-called senolytics. Senolytics are nutrients that break down so-called senescent cells, i.e. cells that have aged but have not yet died completely, causing us to age faster. They act like a cleansing column, freeing us from unwanted ballast.
Removing senescent cells makes us look younger again, as our body can recover and new fresh cells can be formed.

Senescent cells are deposited in our bodies and organs as we grow older. There, they lead to inflammation and promote age-related diseases, destroying healthy cells by also infecting them and converting them to senescent cells.
A certain number of them are also important and healthy for us, but at some point, our body cannot manage to keep the balance and we are flooded with senescent cells.

Fisetin – Quercetin- Spermidin – Resveratrol

Quercetin, fisetin, spermidin and resveratrol belong to the described senolytics and are extremely valuable for our body and make it look younger again. Senolytics not only remove senescent cells, they also protect our healthy cells by preventing mitochondria from mutating and dying, which in the long run leads to cell death or senescent cells.
Synolytics occur quite normally in foods. Not in all and in some quite a lot.

1. Fisetin

Fisetin is found in increased amounts in apples, persimmons, grapes, cucumbers, strawberries, and onions, among others. Especially strawberries are rich in fisitin.
The additional feature is not only that it makes us look younger, but Fesitin also has a special influence on our brain. It supports the creation of new brain cells as well as the protection of existing ones, making us quite smart.

2. Quercetin

Quercetin is now one of the best-known super antioxidants and also senolytics. Quercitin strongly reduces oxidative stress within cells, protecting them from premature death. A high natural content of quercitin can be found in capers, apples, lovage, corinander, onions, grapes, buckwheat, cherries, berries, green and black tea or yerba mate. Therefore also try our
Yerba Mate Latte as an alternative to morning coffee.

Senolytics – Molecules of ETERNAL Youth

3. spermidine

When you hear the word spermidine, a mischievous smile crosses your lips.
And yes, it’s also a part of what comes to mind first. But don’t worry about looking younger again, there are foods that have a much higher percentage of spermidine, making it easier to take in every day. Spermidine stimulates cell metabolism in the form of autophagy, which in turn has a major impact on their health and maintenance. Especially in wheat germ, mushrooms, soybeans, and other legumes contain a lot of spermidine. Exercise and fasting can further increase the amount of spermidine.

4. resveratrol

In science, resveratrol is also known as the French paradox. The reason for this is that French people live longer than in some other countries, such as Germany and America, despite their not-too-despised consumption of alcohol and, in particular, red wine and also fatty food. The reason for this is the resveratrol contained in red wine, specifically in the skin of red grapes. Besides being a powerful antioxidant, it has also been found to improve insulin resistance, thus having a similar effect to fasting, which also stimulates autophagy and thus cleanses our cells. Resveratrol is, as suspected, particularly found in red grapes, but also in peanuts and Japanese knotweed.

Grapes, berries, and onions in particular are rich in Senolytka, but mushrooms, beans, soy, and herbs such as coriander should definitely be on the menu.

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Here are our 4 anti-aging recipes that will make you look younger and remove senescent cells.

4 Anti Aging Recipes

Thumbnail Lebensverlängernde Anthocyane mit Rezeptidee für glutenfreie Beeren Muffins !!

What can you take from here

You see, it’s enough to look a little at its ingredient list and plan in foods that contain senolytics. They are the key to get you looking younger again by removing senescent cells, protecting cells, and stimulating renewal. In this way, repair processes in your body can be carried out without any problems and thus counteract age-related diseases.

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