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Longevity – For a younger and longer life


Longevity is more than just living longer. Longevity means living longer in a young and healthy body.
Maybe you landed on my page because you saw a great recipe or an exciting article, but you don’t know much about the term and the topic of longevity. I would therefore like to give you an insight into what awaits you here and what is so special about this topic and way of life, because Longevity is for all those who want more.

It means more than “just” eating healthy now and then, more than “just” doing a little exercise now and then, more than “just” living a little more consciously now and then.

Longer life - Longer young - Longer healthy

Longevity means directing your life to promote the processes in your body that are the basis for your body to age more slowly and stay young and healthy longer. Because living longer does not always mean quality of life. Many suffer early on from age-related diseases that make their lives, no matter how long they live, not necessarily more enjoyable, but often a challenge.

Therefore, the goal of longevity is not only “longevity”, but also to keep the body young and healthy for longer.
Of course, a basic healthy diet, some exercise, and mindfulness is a good step to living healthier and consequently longer, but boosting the processes that keep your body young longer is once again much more specific.

Longevity has been an area of extensive research for decades, slowly gaining knowledge about how our bodies age and therefore how we can counteract it.

"Longevity is only desirable if it prolongs being young, not drags out being old."

ALEXIS CARREL – Nobel Laureate

EPIGENETICS - The key is you!

You might say, that’s life. That’s the way it has to be, we can’t live on this planet forever. And sure, you’re right. Everything in nature has its beginning and its end.

But what’s in between? Why do some of us age faster than others? Why do some of us get gray hair in our early thirties and others look like they’re in their early thirties when they’re forty?

Genetics? A little bit. But the bigger role is played by epigenetics.

There are different areas in epigenetics, but we, focus on the areas we have influence on, the way we live, our environment, our diet, stress and emotions. All these factors can negatively alter genes, cause cells to die and boost inflammatory processes.
Over the years and decades, this leads to the classic symptoms of old age internally and externally. And the person who can influence that is YOU.

Why do we age?

The reason why we grow older is in itself quite simple. Our cells age and die. They do this in childhood and adolescence and it is an important process. Because they also renew themselves again, which keeps our body young and healthy. And this is exactly where the problem lies. The thing that eventually changes is that they die faster than they renew. More and more so-called senescent cells or zombie cells are formed.

These are cells that are no longer alive, but at the same time stubbornly refuse to die properly so that they cannot be broken down. Thus, they remain as zombies in our body and cause damage. But they also have an important function, which is why the idea of removing them from our bodies altogether would have a pretty negative effect.

Up to a certain age, our immune system takes care of the right balance all by itself. There are even substances that can regenerate zombie cells and bring them back to life. Unfortunately, it is in the nature of things that our immune defenses also weaken.

This gives the zombie cells more and more room to spread out and do damage. Although it may seem a bit futile at first glance, there is a great deal we can do to support our bodies and slow down the process of aging.


This is where Longevity comes into play. It is a matter of strengthening our immune defenses in a very targeted way and thus avoiding the excessive development of zombie cells and inflammatory processes. To a certain extent, this can be done with a healthier diet and exercise, for example, but to really want to make a significant difference, it takes more.

Longevity explores what exactly happens in our body and what has what impact on it. Specific types of exercise, certain foods, and supplements help our bodies stay young longer and prevent diseases of aging.

On our site you will not only find recipes, knowledge about the topic and lifestyle tips, but also our free Slow Aging & Longevity Guide. Find out how fast you’re aging and what first steps you can take toward a younger body and slower aging.

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Longevity – For a younger and longer life

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Longevity – For a younger and longer life


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