The effect of resveratrol is an antioxidant that increases longevity.

Discover the properties of resveratrol. Why is it considered a longevity ingredient, how does it work, and what are the options for incorporating it into your daily diet.
We reveal this and much more here.

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We show you 5 foods that are rich in resveratrol!
A little anticipation: the wine is on us!

Many of us probably do not yet know this fountain of youth’s active ingredient.
Resveratrol has long been referred to as a nutrient for staying young and is the talk of the town. We looked to see what was in it, as we wanted to know if it really delivers what it promises and how best to ingest it.

The discussion about whether we are aging too early or whether there is a way to delay the aging process a bit and increase longevity has been going on for years among scientists. However, there are now various active ingredients that have been discovered in plants that help us humans age slower. The active ingredient is called resveratrol and activates the sirtuins.

Sirtuins are known as the genes that keep us youthful for longer and serve to monitor and protect our DNA. At the same time, the effect of resveratrol is not limited to the aging process.
It has many other advantages. Resveratrol also has a positive effect on various pathogens such as bacteria and fungi, and also has an antitumor effect, and thus can help prevent various types of cancer. The effect of resveratrol is therefore very extensive and should be part of your diet.

Resveratrol active ingredient that increases longevity and more.

The health-promoting effect of resveratrol

Besides the fact that resveratrol has a positive effect on your sirtuins and is therefore considered a senolytic, it also has a positive effect on many diseases.

Cardiovascular system:

It was found that the effect of resveratrol on the cardiovascular system leads to a significant improvement. It reduces the inflammatory state and promotes the preservation of healthy and mature cardiac cells and reduces the development of unfavorable cells.

Prevention of cancer:

TheAntitumor Effect of resveratrol has been proven in numerous studies. It has an anti-cancer property, which has been proven in these studies. Accordingly, it is a serious candidate for the future treatment of various cancers.

Support of the fat metabolism:

The effect of resveratrol on the fat metabolism should not be neglected either. By improving fat metabolism, obesity is prevented and thus premature aging is also prevented.

Anti-inflammatory effect:

In numerous studies on various ill animals with different types of inflammation, the effect of resveratrol was found to be beneficial in inhibiting and reducing inflammation in many areas of the body.

Antimicrobial effect:

The growth of bacteria and fungi can be significantly reduced by the effect of resveratrol. This limits their formation and expansion and reduces the risk of bacterial diseases for humans.

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The effect of resveratrol - anti-aging miracle for our skin

Of course, beautiful, radiant skin is also always a sign of youth for us.
But this should not only be promoted by creams and waters, but especially from the inside out to strengthen your skin.

Resveratrol is an active ingredient that has proven its effectiveness as a true anti-aging miracle in numerous studies and trials. Due to its high antioxidant property, it also fights free radicals in the skin.

Thus, the skin is better protected, which significantly prevents its aging. Further, resveratrol also stimulates collagen synthesis. This creates a healthy and even complexion, which also makes us look young on the outside.
This is precisely why the active ingredient is incorporated by numerous manufacturers of skin and hand creams as a permanent component.

Whether ingestion through fruit or supplements with resveratrol or cosmetic application on the skin, both contribute to the significant longevity effect. Give your skin a smoother and younger look with this miracle ingredient and prevent premature aging.

Please have a glass of red wine now and then!

Longevity factor of resveratrol

It is not only in direct connection with the skin that the active ingredient resveratrol unfolds a remarkable effect. Researchers have found in laboratory studies that this active ingredient has numerous other health-promoting properties. It is able to activate various genes, which are also known as genes for longevity.

The most significant effect that resveratrol has is the activation of sirtuins.
Sirtuins are an important part of increasing longevity and youthfulness. They are a type of protein that protects the cells in our body from dying or becoming inflamed. In addition, it was found that they also play an important role in our metabolism and also strengthen our muscles and burn fat. All components that play an essential role when we talk about staying youthful.

Dr. David Sinclair has developed a cure for this purposeaccording to which a daily dose of only 1 g per day, preferably in the morning, is sufficient for staying young longer. Thus, Dr. Sinclair also mentions in his cure that the most common and highest occurrences of resveratrol in the following plants are red grapes, blueberries, peanuts, cranberries, and plums.

Eat resveratrol or supplement?

As already mentioned, the active ingredient resveratrol is present in numerous plants. So the question is always, and I’m sure you are too, should I balance resveratrol by taking medicinal products and supplements or by consuming food and beverages?

First and foremost, it is important that it is absorbed at all, but in the process, unfortunately, the dosage is not so easy to realize. Therefore, the possibility of supplementing it can also be useful in any case.

Which is not to say that you should avoid foods like grapes, peanuts, cranberries, blueberries and plums, even chocolate or a glass of wine. In addition to this active ingredient, these contain numerous other healthy vitamins and minerals. Therefore, a balanced diet is always an important health factor.

To increase longevity, it’s important that you take it in the first place. As mentioned earlier, there are foods that are richer in resveratrol than others. Here are our top 5 foods:

  1. Grapes
    If a glass of red wine comes to mind when you think of grapes, you’re right on the money. Red grapes are extremely rich in resveratrol and should of course not only be on the menu as wine.

  2. Peanuts
    It doesn’t have to be the peanut butter – gelly sandwich, but peanuts or peanut butter without sugar are an optimal source of resveratrol and can also be the perfect afternoon snack.

  3. Cranberries
    Cranberries in particular contain a high level of resveratrol, which is particularly responsible for regulating cholesterol levels in the amount it contains. A handful of cranberries are especially good for this.

  4. Chocolate
    Yes, chocolate is also one of the optimal resveratrol suppliers. But if you think that this is now the longed-for excuse for a bar of milk chocolate in the evening, we have to disappoint you. It can be 2-3 pieces of 85% chocolate, because of course the cocoa content is decisive and not the sugar content. A great recipe is also our Peanut butter – banana brownies.

  5. Plums
    Plums also contain a considerable amount of resveratrol. So you can keep your young look even with some plums, which are also a perfect little snack for evening when you feel like something sweet.

What can you take from here

Resveratrol is a powerful senolytic that helps our body stay youthful. One of the most important effects of resveratrol is to protect plants from environmental stress. But it also has a particularly effective and protective effect on us. It helps increase longevity in the human body by activating our sirtuins.
So if you want to take a step further towards a longevity lifestyle and protect yourself from premature aging, resveratrol should be part of your diet or incorporated into your daily routine as a high-quality supplement.

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