Rice water for beautiful skin


Travel water for steel end, beautiful skin and shiny, healthy hair.
If we could wish for something from a fairy godmother, that would certainly be a wish that would be pretty high on the list for many of us. Why else would we spend 5.8 billion euros a year on cosmetics?

The desire to preserve youth is as old as the woman herself and who knows, maybe one day we will get to decipher this riddle. Scientists like Dr. David Sinclair are working hard to dive deep into the process of ageing and have already come up with some results that help us today not to leave our bodies to themselves when it comes to aging.

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To counteract physical ageing, we need to start from the inside in a holistic way. Inhibit inflammation, promote detoxification processes, balance our intestinal flora and provide our body with valuable nutrients. Without the balance from the inside, even all external influence is of little help. However, if this is already integrated into your everyday life, what you do for your body from the outside can make a decisive difference.

Today we would like to introduce you to a wonderful option that you can use externally, a natural collagen booster that provides a firmer skin appearance and is also an insider tip for strong hair.

Today we would like to introduce you to a wonderful option, a natural collagen booster that provides a firmer skin appearance and is also an insider tip for strong hair.

Rice water - collagen booster for the skin

This trend has not just been on everyone’s lips since yesterday, but has been part of daily beauty care in Asia for thousands of years. Rice water is full of minerals and vitamins that not only act as a collagen booster and thus have a skin-firming effect, but also make hair silky shiny and give them resilience. Rice water is perfect for skin cleansing and provides clean and beautiful skin. As a conditioner, it strengthens the hair and gives them shine. Rice water is the secret of Asian women and their dark, shiny hair.

For them, rice water has long been considered a natural elixir of beauty. It is reported that in ancient Japan women bathed in the water, in which the rice was washed before.
Even then, the beauty effect for skin and hair was known.

But what makes rice water so special?

Inossitol is a B vitamin that is produced by the body itself. However, as we know from our article Slow Aging – 5 tips for those who have little time, the production of all the substances that our body needs for renewal and regeneration decreases faster than we would like, and so does Inossitol.

This B vitamin strongly promotes cell renewal and blood circulation, which is especially important from the inside as well. One more point, always make sure you are well supplied with all the B vitamins. But it can also develop its power externally.

Use rice water as a tonic to gently cleanse and nourish your sensitive facial skin. Used regularly, you will feel a punishing effect relatively quickly. The pores become finer, the skin is revitalized and wrinkles can also be reduced.

Acne, rosacea and allergies
Rice water for sensitive skin

I also had to struggle with severe skin problems for a long time. Here the change of my diet was the all deciding factor. But that’s how I know how careful you have to be with new things if you have very sensitive skin.

Allergies, acne or rosacea are skin problems that occur relatively often and are often tried to conceal with a lot of make-up. However, in addition to changing the diet, the tonic made from rice water is an absolute secret tip for beautiful skin. It can soothe skin irritations and make the skin more supple, thus reducing inflammation and helping the skin to clear.

But regular use of rice water also has a positive effect on issues such as age spots, which can be caused by too much sun or hormonal fluctuations. The substance responsible for this is again niacin (vitamin B3) another B vitamin. Niacin has a natural brightening effect on the skin, which is a very positive effect especially for Asian women.

Healthy and shiny hair

As already mentioned, rice water is not only an absolute must for the skin, but also for the hair. Women from Japan and China often have admirable long radiant hair. Sometimes even up to two meters in length.

The beauty secret behind these women’s hair is that they use fermented rice water as shampoo and conditioner. The water is not poured away after cooking, but is kept and fermented. It gets a slightly sour smell and is used to wash and rinse the hair, similar to a conditioner with us with apple cider vinegar. Rice water rinse makes hair grow faster and become extra silky and strong.

Preparation and application of rice water

Rice water as a collagen booster for the face

Use organic rice to avoid exposing sensitive skin to unwanted pollutants.

There are two ways of production.

1. warm
Here, a cup of rice is cooked with more water than needed. Here you should keep an eye on the rice, as it can quickly overcook. Drain the rice water and leave to cool. It will then keep for up to a week in the refrigerator, you can encourage this by adding a squeeze of lemon.

2. cold
If you are not the big rice lover, you can make it without cooking.

To do this, add half a cup of organic rice with a glass of clear water. Leave the whole thing covered overnight. The next day you can simply pour off the water and the toner is ready. You can cook the soaked rice, or grind it in a multihexler and use it as an exfoliant, this also makes for beautiful skin.

Even in the cold version, the rice water keeps sealed in the refrigerator for up to a week. Like any other tonic, the rice water is applied to the skin of the face and décolleté with a cotton pad after thoroughly cleansing the skin. When it comes out of the fridge, it also has a nice refreshing effect at the same time.

Rice water hair conditioner

Again, you can use both types of production as a base (hot / cold).

The difference here is that the rice water is left for one to two days until it becomes slightly acidic. Only through fermentation it develops its full effect. The effect, the valuable minerals and vitamin E contained provide shiny, strong and healthy hair.

Simply apply the rice conditioner to the hair after washing and rinse with cold water after a few minutes.


You see, make rice water for skin and hair is quite simple, inexpensive us absolutely natural. Apply either or both regularly and you will clearly feel the effect. If we have now made you want to protect your body more, also read our article
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Because beauty and youth, as is known, begins from within.

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