How Yoga Therapy Affects Your Mental Health and Your Body
(Less Stress More Om)

Learn why yoga therapy is perfect for a longer and more balanced life. (Even without becoming a yoga master)!

Om Shanti Shanti or, just bring movement and calmness to your body and mind. Maybe you’re one of those who say, “I can’t get into yoga,” or maybe you love yoga and it’s part of your daily life.

In both cases, yoga therapy can give you a new approach and enrich your skills and knowledge. Experience the positive effect this form of yoga has on your well-being and longevity.

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Yuj (Connect): What exactly is yoga and where does it come from?

Yoga is an ancient practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. The term “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, which means “to connect”. This points to the fundamental goal of bringing body, mind and spirit into harmony. But yoga is not only a physical activity, but also a spiritual and philosophical teaching. It combines physical yoga exercises, called asanas, with breathing techniques and meditation that promote your physical and mental health. There are several forms of yoga, including hatha yoga and vinyasa yoga, which you’ve heard of for sure.

Today, yoga has a significant impact on our way of life. We often use it as a way to manage stress, promote flexibility and strengthen our bodies, and increase our overall well-being. Yoga is also used in medical practice to support various health problems.
As a result, it provides a path to relaxation and inner peace in an often hectic world, helping to promote longevity and quality of life.

Individual therapy plan with asanas, breathing techniques, meditation and dietary recommendations.

What is Yoga ?

Yoga has now gained a firm foothold and the most diverse forms of yoga let everyone find what they need. Yoga therapy is not yet well known and offers us a holistic approach that supports your mental health and well-being. Yoga therapy uses the principles of yoga to prevent and treat physical and mental health problems. Unlike traditional medical approaches, therapy aims to treat the causes of discomfort and disease, rather than just alleviating symptoms.

Yoga therapists work closely with you to create an individualized treatment plan that includes asanas, breathing techniques, meditation and dietary recommendations. These personalized approaches take into account your unique needs and challenges.

The impact of therapy on your mental health and thereby your longevity is manifold. Regular practice will promote your physical health and flexibility, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. This helps to reduce the risk of many age-related diseases, keep your body flexible, stimulate your lymphatic system and promote detoxification.

In addition, the psychological component of yoga therapy helps to promote your emotional stability and mental clarity. This helps to increase your overall well-being and improve your quality of life. The holistic approach of the therapy thus supports the self-healing powers of your body and helps you to live a full and long life.

What is yoga therapy?

Yoga in general is therapy in itself and helps us to calm down or keep a clear head during stressful periods. So what’s the difference?

Basically, regular yoga and yoga therapy differ in that they have different goals and each has different approaches. For example, yoga aims to promote your health and well-being, which increase your flexibility, reduce stress and create mental clarity. It is a physical activity or lifestyle that can be practiced by different age groups and health conditions. 

The approach differs in terms of the particular form of yoga, for example Hatha, Vinyasa or Kundalini, which you can do at home on your own, or together with others in a group. The focus of the approach is on practicing asanas, certain breathing techniques, and meditation that promote your physical and mental health and thereby longevity.

The therapeutic approach

Unlike the yoga we know, yoga therapy has specific and therapeutic goals, including, for example, restoring general and mental health, relieving symptoms, and improving your overall well-being. 

With the help of a yoga therapist, your specific needs will be addressed and a customized therapy plan will be created for you. Yoga therapists are experienced yoga teachers who have received additional training in anatomy, physiology and therapeutic techniques. This helps them to provide you with a holistic  assessment of your individual state of health and thereby create a treatment plan that is made  to you.

By working with a yoga therapist, the approach is different compared to regular yoga, as the yoga exercises are tailored to your needs. This treatment plan then includes specific asanas, pranayamas, meditation, and nutritional recommendations that fit entirely with what you need.

What benefit does yoga therapy have for you?

1. relieves stress.

We all have phases when we look for balance. Be it too much stress at work, personal problems or challenging moments in life.
Yoga therapy is a perfect and holistic method that you can use to better manage exactly these phases in life. By integrating relaxation techniques such as breath control and meditation, it helps you release stress and strain that has built up.
As you know, stress is an important factor in premature aging, the development of chronic inflammation, and the rapid development of senescent cells.

With the right yoga therapy, you can reduce stress and thereby promote your longevity and well-being.

Get more control over your life and the phases that challenge you.

2. reduction of anxiety.

Anxiety can not only affect your quality of life, but it can also negatively impact your physical health. Sometimes it can be so overwhelming that we feel downright lost. Yoga therapy offers you techniques to manage anxiety and panic attacks by calming your nervous system and promoting relaxation.

By doing this, you will reduce your anxiety levels, your stress levels, and thus support your body and its natural defenses.

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3. improves your body image.

Our body feeling is something very sensitive and often we get into situations where everything around us undermines this feeling and so we can’t even perceive the needs of our body and mind properly, because we just function.

Yoga therapy promotes better body awareness. By bringing attention to your body, it helps you listen to your body’s needs. This helps to live a more balanced life, bring more exercise into your life, and balance your mental health, which is an essential part of your longevity and health.

4. Boosts your mood

Bad Mood?
Bad and stressed moods promote depression, chronic illness and yes, drastically shorten our lifespan. Good mood and a positive attitude is also in Blue Zones one of the points that belongs to a longer and healthier life.

Yoga therapy can help you improve your mood significantly. By releasing endorphins and reducing stress hormones, it helps relieve depressive symptoms and boost your mental health. This in turn supports you to have a positive attitude and emotional well-being. So you take yourself and your environment very differently and live a more fulfilling life.

5. improves your mental and physical well-being.

Well-being is a big word. But how do you feel when you get up in the morning? Stressed, annoyed, anxious and tense?
Yoga therapy contributes to a comprehensive mental and physical well-being because it looks at you holistically. It helps you find your balance in life, which maintain your mental health and support your longevity by addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your health.

Have we catched your interest?

If you want to learn more about yoga therapy because you need more balance in your everyday life or even if you are a yoga teacher yourself and want to find out about the training to become a yoga therapist, then definitely have a look at
Fuck Yoga Go Happy.
Here you will find more information and deep dives on the topic and who knows maybe it is exactly what you were looking for.

The nivata yoga therapy training at a glance

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Pros and cons of yoga therapy

Yoga therapy offers you a wide range of benefits for your physical and mental health. It promotes relaxation and stress management, helps you cope with anxiety and depression, improves your body awareness and strengthens your muscles. It can also help you relieve pain, improve flexibility and mobility, strengthen the immune system and promote overall wellness. The individual adaptation of the therapy to your needs enables you to receive targeted support.

However, although yoga therapy offers you many benefits, there are also some points you should be aware of. One of them is that you don’t feel the effects immediately and you need regular practice and patience until you feel the full range of change. But even the first lesson can bring you closer to your center and quiet your mind.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that you need a qualified yoga therapist who will take into account your individual needs and limitations. This can sometimes take a little time to find, but it pays off when you find that person! Yoga therapy can go really deep, if you feel that you need help that goes deeper you should consult an experienced therapist.

What can you take from here

Yoga therapy is a holistic method that promotes your physical and mental health in equal measure. This form of yoga combines movement, breathing exercises and meditation to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and thereby increase your overall well-being. By customizing it to your needs, it allows you to get targeted support for various health challenges.

The positive effect of therapy on longevity is that it not only relieves your physical ailments, but also promotes your psychological balance. A stress-free mind and balanced mental health will help you reduce the risk of disease and improve quality of life. Thus, the regular practice of yoga therapy is a valuable investment in a longer and healthier life.

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