We are very selective when it comes to our accommodations. We offer you a sanctuary where you feel free and welcome from the first moment you arrive.
The places we choose combine a natural environment with exclusivity. They are carefully chosen so that you can calm down and enjoy the day barefoot and in balance with yourself and the environment, without wanting for anything.
It is part of our holistic approach where everything is connected and where the environment plays an important role when it comes to bringing body and mind into harmony.

Yoga for All Levels

Movement, in any form, is essential. It helps to detoxify your body, is one of the best anti-aging treatments and promotes your mental health. Yoga combines various elements which are important for us during this time with you. Yoga promotes your inner balance, strengthens your body and releases physical and mental blockages.
At BeyōndYō, yoga will open new perspectives and help you connect with yourself and your body. Our yoga teachers will meet you where you are. Whether you are just starting your journey or yoga is already an integral part of your life, everyone will find what she needs.


The locations where BeyōndYō Retreats find a home must have something magical – they are our base and the foundation of the energy which we want to share with you.
We know our locations and have traveled, experienced and felt them. They let you feel a pristine nature and calmness that brings your body and mind into balance. Here you will wake up to a beautiful sunrise and the chirping of birds, and will be carried through the day by natural aromas and sounds of nature.

Community of
Like-Minded Women

BeyōndYō creates a space for women who want to live an independent, confident life in a healthy and strong body.
Women who want to experience their full energy and go their own self-confident way. Our vision is to bring these women together and provide them with the opportunity to connect and share their thoughts in a like-minded way. BeyōndYō creates a foundation for a deep connection that can only be created through such time with beautiful shared moments and experiences. Only women also means just being yourself this week and letting yourself go completely in a serene space.

Beautiful Activities

Beautiful moments connect us and leave a deep impression on our consciousness. This means that we can access them in the future when we need a wonderful and warm thought which immediately increases our inner well-being. We want to create these moments with you because it’s not just the activity itself that fosters this feeling, but also the people you share it with.
We strive to design experiences for you that not only maximize and enhance your stay with us, but that will carry you well beyond this time.

Natural & Healthy

Nutrition is the essence of a healthy body that gives you energy and an amazing feeling from the inside out.
The perfect nutrition not only provides you with nutrients for every cell of your body, but also has a healing effect and keeps you young because food is medicine.
During this time you will feel how your body recharges and starts to blossom, blockages dissolve and your body enters a regeneration process. Experience what an optimal natural and healthy diet does to you personally and how it fulfills your life.

We will balance you with selected special dishes that you will look forward to every day.


Treat yourself!

Often we focus on everything else, but not on our physical and mental well-being. Wellness treatments caress our soul, they are a luxury where you can completely let go and calm down. For us, it is important to work with local people who know and appreciate their environment and its natural surroundings. We want you to enjoy only the best and who could do that better than mother nature herself. Therefore, we ensure that all products are sustainable and organic to give your body and mind the care it deserves.

Holistic Health

The philosophy of BeyōndYō is, at its core, holistic in every sense of the word. Your body and mind can only come into a healing process and balance when we incorporate all the elements of yoga, nature, nutrition, and environment. Therefore, our retreats practice a holistic approach in which each of these elements are intertwined and interrelated with the goal of inviting you to relax and unwind from the first moment. We create a place where you can just be and your body and mind can enter into a healing process that will change your life.

Meditation &

Yoga is the foundation that brings your body and mind into harmony and peace. 
To elevate this, we will take you on a journey to arrive at an even deeper connection with yourself. 
Ceremonies like sound baths, meditations, and breathing techniques will help you to become more aware and grounded. Sharing such moments makes them even more special and opens a new way of communication and connection with yourself and the world around you.
Experience something new with us and see how it feels for you.

Join us at our
Rejuvenating Women´s Wellness Retreat

Join us for a unforgettable week, connect with yourself and like minded women and enjoy a time of wellness and rejuvenation.