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Wir helfen Frauen dabei ihre Energie und Konzentration steigern sowie ihren Körper in sein ökologisches Gleichgewicht zu bringen.
Finde mit uns deine hormonelle Balance, erhalte strahlende Haut und bekämpfe Krankheiten.
Gemeinsam kehren wir dein biologisches Alter um!

A successful
company is a place

where talents can grow into versions of themselves they might not achieve elsewhere.

Corporate & Workplace Wellness

Step into a world of unparalleled vitality and productivity as we redefine the landscape of Corporate and Workplace Wellness with BeyōndYō.

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreaxts for Women

Picture a workplace where wellness isn’t just a checkbox but an immersive journey, where each step is an adventure and each breath resonates with rejuvenation.

Think of it as a fusion where productivity, creativity, and personal fulfillment harmonize to create a masterpiece of professional and personal achievement.

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreaxts for Women

People connect with feelings

Building a strong foundation requires more than just bringing a talented team together; it needs a culture where individuals not only work for you but experience a collective journey. The key to unlock their full potential lies in create an environment that goes beyond the professional workplace – an environment where they not only invest their time but enjoy being part of it, feeling nurtured and valued.
It’s about cultivating an atmosphere where talents can grow into versions of themselves they might not achieve elsewhere.

BeyondYo Retreats & Wellness Brand

The Value of Holistic Wellness

Enjoy the Experience

Unleash Your Team’s Potential with 
Our customizable packages to Embrace Your Team’s Unique Vibe and Elevate Your Company Culture !

Corporate Holistic Wellness Memberships

Corporate Retreats

Holistic Team Building Experiences

Individual Team Member Wellness Offers

Wellness Workshops, Group Experiences

Perfect extension for your company perks portfolio

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats & Holistic Wellness
BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Yoga Retreats & Holistic Wellness
BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Retreats & Holistic Wellness

Choose Your Wellness Experince

Celebrate and show gratitude to your team by sharing with them a carefully chosen experience that creates connection, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Yoga & Meditation

Energize your body and calm your mind with this invigorating combination of movement and meditation. Experience the harmonious benefits as it strengthens your muscles, alleviates stress and reinstates the balance in you. Our classes are for all levels, and our teacher take care of each individually.

Sounbath & Breathwork

Immerse yourself in the awareness that everything in the universe resonates with a continuous vibration. Through this comprehensive full-body listening encounter, diminish the strains of daily life, let go of anxiety and tension embedded in the physical body, and achieve a tranquil mind, ultimately amplifying productivity.

Acupuncture & Massage

Step into a transformative and rejuvenating journey, designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Our exclusive treatments of ancient art body treatments going beyond the ordinary, going deep into areas where blockages and emotions are hold, to unlock a deep sense of well-being.

Start with us your transformative
corporate holistic wellness journey.

Join us at our
Rejuvenating Women´s Wellness Retreat

Join us for a unforgettable week, connect with yourself and like minded women and enjoy a time of wellness and rejuvenation.