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Wir helfen Frauen dabei ihre Energie und Konzentration steigern sowie ihren Körper in sein ökologisches Gleichgewicht zu bringen.
Finde mit uns deine hormonelle Balance, erhalte strahlende Haut und bekämpfe Krankheiten.
Gemeinsam kehren wir dein biologisches Alter um!

Go On your Journey to
Rejuvenation & Wellbeing !

We discover the paths of optimal health and well-being to enhance the rejuvenation of your body & mind


Join our wonderful Retreats for modern women to slow down and rejuvenate. Look forward to holistic practices such as movement, meditation, breath, herbs, and foods to help you to balance your mind and body. 
Are you part of the LGBTQ community ?Just reach out to us as our doors are always open.

BYō magazin

Welcome to a life of well-being! Explore our online magazine for holistic health & wellness tips, longevity hacks, and delicious recipes.

Discover beauty that goes beyond skin-deep, explore inspiring lifestyles, and enjoy your journey to rejuvenation.


Welcome to a journey of holistic wellbeing! Immerse yourself in a day of mindful exploration. Unwind with yoga, nourish your body with delicious healthy food, and discover new paths to wellness through informative workshops and relaxing treatments. Let’s create a space for your mind, body, and spirit to thrive!

BeyōndYō is a transformative haven for
longevity, holistic wellness & Rejuvenation. We combine nutrition, wellbeing, yoga, and wellness for a more holistic lifestyle which you and your body deserves.

Create and join our transformative experience that focuses on unlocking your full potential and accelerating your lifespan in a holistic way.

Reclaim With Us Your Health and Wellbeing

BeyōndYō - Longevity and Holistic Wellness Brand

Food is Medicine and helps to free your body from inflammation, chronic diseases and senescent cells who hold you back from your journey to archive a longevity life where you can live your highest potential.
Change the way you eat means take control of your future self.

Discover the transformative power of BeyōndYō, where we align with nature's wisdom to unlock your body and mind's inherent potential. Our holistic approach meticulously addresses the root causes of mental and physical challenges, removing obstacles that may be impeding your desired lifestyle. Explore a journey towards holistic well-being and expand your lifespan with us.

BeyondYo Exlusive Yoga Retreats & Holistic Wellness

Rejuvenating Women Retreat 2024

Join us at our
Rejuvenating Women´s Wellness Retreat

Join us for a unforgettable week, connect with yourself and like minded women and enjoy a time of wellness and rejuvenation.