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Sleep more relaxed

Our Bed Time Playlist gently whisks you away to the land of dreams (+ 5 evening ritual tips).

Fall asleep with music - Discover our Spotify playlist with music that calms your nervous system and lets you sleep more relaxed.

Sometimes it’s not easy to get to rest in bed at night. We roll from one side to the other and thoughts turn to important and less important issues.

Just in these moments, when we want to get distance from our day, the noises around us fall silent and we are also ready to finally go to sleep, it is difficult for us to switch off. The reason for this may be that we are still too excited. Be it through an exciting movie, a conversation, or something that has happened during the day and is weighing on us.

Another possibility is that our melatonin production hasn’t really kicked in yet. Melatonin is essential for good sleep but can be disturbed by external conditions. You can read more about this in our article Effect of melatonin – Stay young longer, more energy, more well-being!

To help you rest better in the evening, it can help to incorporate a sleep routine into your evening. This way, you’ll put your body and mind to rest even before you go to bed.

Sleep better with these evening rituals

1. avoid blue light

Turn off the TV / laptop or similar screens. Blue light keeps your nervous system awake, thinking it’s the middle of the day. Therefore, it is important to set up a night mode on your phone, if possible. As you do so, the screen will turn yellow, allowing you to calm down.

2. nightcap

Have a nightcap. There are foods and nutrients that calm us down and boost our melatonin production naturally.
These include sour cherries and a certain component of magnesium. You can find both of these in our Sleepy Girl Longevity Mocktail.

3. get ready for bed

It’s best to get ready 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Slip into your sleepwear, brush your teeth, treat yourself to a little facial massage, which is also a great morning ritual, and make yourself comfortable.

4. reach for the book

Read a book. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a grueling thriller. Because it, too, keeps you awake rather than brings you to rest. But we don’t want to take away your favorite reading. Therefore, let it be whatever you like.

5. air and cool your bedroom

Once again, let fresh air into your bedroom and turn off the heat. Often in the morning, you notice how stale the air in your bedroom is. Even if we don’t realize it, our body is very active at night. Enough oxygen and a cool environment supported it without affecting your sleep.

6. sounds

There are frequencies that calm our central nervous system and thus ensure that our melatonin production is stimulated. It brings our thoughts to rest and lets us slowly drift gently into sleep.
For this very purpose, we have created a playlist for you, with our 10 favorite songs that are sure to bring you peace of mind

Our Bed Time Playlist for a better and more relaxed sleep

What can you take from here

Among other evening rituals, the right music can help you fall asleep in a relaxed way. It relaxes your central nervous system and thus brings you to rest. This way you can let go of impressions, thoughts, and situations more easily and increase your melatonin production, which is important for a calm and healthy sleep.

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