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perfect source of fiber for your healthy gut

+ 5 delicious recipes

Artichokes are quite an underrated vegetable and actually they are a thistle, which is a herb that helps detoxify the liver and strengthens our pancreas.
Especially from a holistic point of view, it is one of the foods that should definitely be on your shopping list because of its diverse properties, if it is also about strengthening your intestinal flora and thus also a beautiful, healthy skin and your general well-being.
A healthy gut also means reducing inflammation in your body and keeping it younger longer.

Artichokes - Rich in prebiotics

Whether you’re snipping them into your salad, making a delicious creamy dip with them, or simply roasting them as a side dish, artichokes are a straightforward way to add a great and exciting flavor component to your dishes, with the benefit of doing something for your gut health at the same time as a healthy source of fiber.

Artichokes are known in holistic nutrition for their impressive content of prebiotics. These are certain carbohydrates that “feed” probiotics and contribute to the balance of intestinal flora.

While probiotics get a lot of attention, prebiotics are often not very popular. However, they are just as important (if not more so!) as they feed the probiotics so they can function and benefit the gut. Therefore, it is best to have a variety of foods on the menu that are equally rich in prebiotics and probiotics to aid digestion in a holistic way.

Artichokes, the underestimated queen of vegetables

A recent study showed that the production of short-chain fatty acids in the intestine increases after eating artichokes. These fatty acids help support the gut by providing proper energy to the intestinal cells.

At the same time, they also help metabolize important nutrients such as carbohydrates and other fats. Artichokes are a healthy source of fiber in two ways. It is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, which is important for healthy digestion and thus counteracts flatulence and stomach cramps.

Eating plenty of fiber has been linked to lower blood cholesterol and better heart health. But it’s not just the fiber and prebiotics that make them so special, half a cup of artichokes also contains 240 mg of potassium, an important mineral and electrolyte that regulates fluid balance, muscle contractions and blood pressure.And to top it off, artichokes are a good source of magnesium, which in turn is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory minerals.

So much for the glorification of the artichoke. If you are now wondering how to incorporate the special and somewhat spiky vegetable into serve menu, we have a few recipe ideas for you here.

Dietary fiber source artichoke
5 delicious recipes for a healthy gut and more well-being

1. creamy spinach artichoke dip (Vegan)

This delicious dip is rich in protein and fiber and much more. Whether it’s for dinner with friends or just a healthy snack for movie night, it’s simply delicious.
You can find the recipe at
HERE AT Eat This

2. potato and artichoke salad

Salads always go, whether at family gatherings, birthdays, or simply for lunch or dinner at home. They were easy to prepare and store in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. The potato – artichoke salad from eatalicious has, as the name suggests, an Italian touch and is super simple to cook.
RECIPE ON eatalicious

3. lentil salad with artichokes, zucchini and beetroot

And since we love salads so much, here’s another protein-packed version. Lentils, although sometimes suspected otherwise, are also good food for the intestine. For more on this, check out our article, 10 DECORATING FOODS FOR LONGEVITY.
Therefore, you should definitely try this optimal combination once. You can find the recipe HERE AT HOLLA Die Kochfee.

4. grilled artichokes - 2 variants

So simple and so delicious. Grilled artichokes are simply incomparably delicious and as an appetizer or side dish something special at any dinner. YOU CAN FIND THE RECIPE FOR IT AT KITCHEN GIRLS


As a last tip we recommend you the pasta with lemons and artichokes. Use gluten-free pasta and you’ll be doing your gut double duty. The dish is also perfect to enjoy cold the next day.
You can find the complete RECIPE at ful-filled.

We wish you much enjoyment

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